PikeView coaches Jonathan and Erin Yost are happy to be helping students who are in the same situations they were a few years ago.

Jonathan and Erin are both alumni of PikeView High School. Each is currently completing student teaching requirements to become a teacher, and both Jonathan and Erin coach fall sports at PikeView.

Jonathan, who was honored by the Mercer County Board of Education Tuesday night, coaches track and cross country at the school. He is a former runner for the school as well. Erin assists her former coach, Steve Compton, with the volleyball team.

“It’s a humbling experience,” Erin says. “You’re kind of reaping what you’ve sewn. When you’re a player, you don’t realize how annoying some of the things you do are. As a coach, you do.”

At the mere mention of players, both Erin and Jonathan turn the conversation toward their players and eventually their mentors as coaches.

Jonathan got a letter while he was a student at PikeView over the summer from his cross country coach, Paul Hodges. Hodges noticed that Jonathan was borderline in the classroom, meaning his grades could prohibit him from competing.

That hit Jonathan pretty hard. As he retold the story, pain welled inside his eyes.

“I never let my grades fall again,” Jonathan said. “Him pushing me so hard, it actually improved my running. To know how much he wanted me to improve in the classroom made me realize just how much he wanted to win, so I ran harder.”

Not surprisingly, Jonathan makes sure his girls and guys take the classroom very seriously. He added that once the grades in the classroom come up, the rest of his kids lives take care of themselves.

Erin turns the conversation toward her mentor, Compton. She says that when he started coaching volleyball at PikeView, he had no idea about the sport. Through deligence and hard work, he became one of the best coaches in the state.

“The man [Compton], he never stops,” Jonathan chimes in.

Erin adds that getting his girls to the state tournament was a well deserved reward for her coach.

Before he and his wife head out of the center, Jonathan talks about his kids. His girls team made the state meet and he’s determined to get them some recognition. He called his girls and guys quality kids.

He adds that they work hard and have helped keep PikeView’s teams as one of the premier teams in the state.

“They just get better and better every year,” Jonathan said.

 The conversation eventually turns toward their daughter, Bailyn, and a debate that will be raging until she hits the 9th grade and makes a decision about which fall sport she’ll play- volleyball with her mom or cross country with her dad. One thing’s for sure, though, regardless of which sport she picks, she’s going to be playing in red and black.

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