Ready to run

Princeton's Ethan Parsons is ready to run during an intrasquad scrimmage recently to smooth out any rough edges before they face off with cross country rival, Bluefield tonight at Mitchell stadium in what is currently slated for one of the first ever Home and Home series between the two teams.  Both teams will face each other again on 9/25.

PRINCETON— Football is back. Maybe not how things were exactly a year ago this time in 2019 but its back. The Princeton Senior High School football team matches up with the cross-town rival Bluefield High School in the first game of a season in which no one knows what will happen beyond this week.

The Tigers are excited about getting on the field and getting their first piece of live action against a different opponent. This offseason was very different as all teams were able to practice and condition with one another but because of protocols in place they were unable to get any kind of scrimmages in with other opponents before the season actually kicked off. Obviously, Princeton coach Chris Pedigo would of liked to have seen his team in some scrimmages but at the same time he’s glad they are able to get a chance to play again because others are facing much difficult situations.

“Things are going great and we got the go ahead to play this game against Bluefield and we are grateful for that,” Pedigo said. “Not everybody is in the same boat, so we feel good about the opportunity to be able to play.”

Its uncertain how both teams will look come Friday night. The game can take a while to get going as both teams might have their fair share of mishaps or time they need to get going. Pedigo and his coaching staff have been doing their best to simulate some game like situations in practice and have had intrasquad scrimmages among one another to try to as close to a game as they possibly can.

“We have been doing what we can but its nothing like the actual game speed against another opponent,” Pedigo said. “But the guys have been working hard and have been waiting on this opportunity since December.”

A couple of players expected to lead for Princeton this season include Josiah Honaker who has committed to Morgan State and is expected to do some good things for the team. Also, senior Amir Powell can also be looked at as a standout for the Tigers for this season. Pedigo likes what he has added and returned to the offensive line and is looking forward to a solid season.

The Tigers will head over to Bluefield for kickoff tonight at 7:30 p.m.

Niqko Marshall is a freelance sports reporter for the Princeton Times. Contact him at

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