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PRINCETON — While things are still being sorted out for sports for the fall the Princeton Senior High School soccer teams are doing the best they can to stay ready.

After the spring season of sports and just about all of summer was all but completely washed away due the Covid-19 there is still hope for a fall season. In these trying times that we are in people across the country would want nothing better than for sports to start possible making a comeback which will return some sort of normalcay for the world.

High school sports are big around every part of the country and right now the fall sports in the state of West Virginia are doing what they can to stay ready with whatever the guidelines are at the time. The Lady Tigers soccer team started Monday getting back into the swing of things and coach Michelle Dye mentioned how exciting it was for her and her athletes to be able to get back on the field.

“Girls are excited,” Dye said. “Several play other sports and had to miss out on softball and travel seasons so they were excited to see each other and get back on the field.”

Coach Robbie Fix has met a couple of times with his group as well and it has provided some excitement and a refreshing feeling to his group that the players are able to meet and get going for a possible season. While there is still so much uncertainty it can kind of play a part in what coaches plan to do with their groups as they return to the field. Some coaches may focus on conditioning so if there is a season their groups will be in shape. Other coaches make focus more on fundamentals going forward with certain practice routines as if there will be a season. Either way coaches are planning differently across the state.

“Right now, we are practicing as if we are having a season,” Dye said. “We are working hard on conditioning but also working on skills and fundamentals.”

If things were to stay on track the season would open up in about a month or so. However, with things changing every week the start of the season could be delayed on down right canceled.

Niqko Marshall is a freelance reporter for the Princeton Times. Contact him at

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