PRINCETON — Family and friendships were factors when Princeton Senior High School basketball stars Kelly Pawlowski and Lauren Broyles were deciding on a college to attend.

Those are among the reasons the two girls signed letters of intent on Thursday morning to become members of the Bluefield State College Lady Blues basketball team.

The two have played basketball with and against each other for 13 years, as Tigerette teammates and as participants in AAU basketball. As a consequence, they knew several BSC players already, including former Princeton standout Amanda Meade.

In addition, Pawlowski said, “I liked how it was close to home. I can still live with my parents, and they can still come and watch me play games. Family’s very important to me.”

Princeton girls basketball coach Debbie Ball said of the two new signees, “They’re very dedicated. That’s a plus nowadays. So I look for them to help Bluefield State out quite a bit. They’re willing to work, the extra hours.

“Kelly was our leading rebounder, so we’re going to miss that on our team. With Lauren’s quickness and defensive abilities, there’s a combination between the two of them that probably Coach Brown will be able to use.”

Broyles she will also get to major in nursing, while Pawlowski pursues a humanities degree with the intention of going on to law school.

In her senior year, Pawlowski averaged 8.9 rebounds and approximately 8 points per game, Ball said. Broyles provided about 5 rebounds and 5 points on average and was a top contributor on defense.

Pawlowski said she’s watched some West Virginia Conference games, and used to assess her ability to play at the college level. “You always say that, at some point in time, and now I get the chance to be out there,” she said.

Broyles said, “I’m a little nervous, at first, starting out, but I think it’ll be fun. I can’t wait to do it.”

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