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Getting into the business of this column, let’s finish the NFL preview starting with the AFC South. It’s not a division full of thrills but there’s a çouple of solid teams.

The Indianapolis Colts have the best talent core in the division with a veteran quarterback in Matt Ryan, an ace running back in Jonathan Taylor, a solid offensive line and defense. They need Michael Pittman, Jr. to develop into a star wide receiver and that Ryan, at 36, still can be a good quarterback.

One bad game for a quarterback can have repercussions for his career. Carson Wentz had a bad game and the Colts ran him out of town. Ryan Tannenhill almost suffered the same fate before sanity prevailed. The Tennessee Titans still have the talent but the clock is ticking on the team with the running back and quarterback both over 30.

The Jacksonville Jaguars had a lost year last year, no thanks to their gaffe-prone ex-head coach. I feel positive about the team in the future with the addition of Doug Peterson at head coach, talent added through the draft and free agency and the maturation of Trevor Lawrence at quarterback.

The Houston Texans earned their last place finish through bad drafts, bad trades and bad management. The Deshaun Watson mess didn’t help matters either.

They may be in a position to improve with their own and Cleveland’s picks in the 2023 Draft.

As for the ÀFC East, it’s the Buffalo Bills’ division to lose . The Bills look to be the class of the ÀFC with Josh Allen at quarterback, Stefan Diggs at receiver and a defense bolstered by Von Miller.

Second and third in the division depends on several factors involving the growth of young quarterbacks,

The New England Patriots have Mac Jones and no established offensive coordinator, which sounds like trouble, Jones exceeded expectations last year and the offensive side was solid. The defense, though, played badly in their playoff game.

Unlike Jones, the Miami Dolphins’ Tua Taglivova is under pressure to perform for his future. They improved the wide receiver corps and offensive line and brought in a head coach who wants to work with him.

I’m going Miami second and New England third.

The New York Jets seemingly can’t catch a break with the injury bug. Right now, their quarterback and top offensive lineman prospect are injured.

Here’s my look at the ÀFC playoffs. I see Kansas City, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Tennessee, Baltimore and Los Angeles as the field, with Buffalo and Los Angeles in the AFC Championship Game, I predict that Buffalo will win 30-21.

In the Super Bowl, Buffalo should beat the Rams 24-21.

Jeff Harvey is a freelance reporter and columnist for the Princeton Times. Contact him at

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