Jeff Harvey

Some say that social media is a way for a person to reveal the way they really are. I don’t necessarily agree with that because I think it’s just another way for people to evade revealing their true selves.

Another way to look at social media is that it’s a way to manipulate the way people think about you. Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and LeBron James have active social media presences which enable them to control how the public sees them.

In a roundabout way, this brings us to the NFC North, the division where every team has a real shot thanks to the whim of one of the masters of social media.

None of us know Rodgers or the reasons for his grievances against the Green Bay Packers. Whether it’s envy at the way Brady got his team to add talent last year, anger at the Packers for drafting Jordan Love or a desire to be closer to his fianceé Shailane Woodley, we don’t know.

I do know that with Rodgers, the team pushed the Buccaneers with Brady to the limit in last year’s NFC Championship Game and won the division handily. I’m still picking them first even with Love, but it’s going to be a rough ride.

The Chicago Bears drafted Jordan Fields, the quarterback I thought was the second-best behind Trevor Lawrence in this year’s class. I’m no Andy Dalton basher but I expect the Bears to have Fields starting by mid-season. It’s going to be the defense that will carry them.

The Minnesota Vikings may be the team that upsets all projections in this division. Kirk Cousins has been someone who has gotten more undeserved criticism than any player in recent history for not being perfect, but, if the defense can improve a bit, the division can be theirs.

The more things change with the Detroit Lions, the more they remain the same. I understand the Rooney Rule-related criticism when the best candidate for this head coach job is a proven flake named Dan Campbell. Hopefully, Tyler Goff will be able to survive the regime after getting too much of the blame for the Rams coming up short.

A bit of optimism for you to end the week. Former Bluefield State College head men’s basketball coach Terry Brown is doing better after surgery though he’s got a long way to go. Continue to pray for him and his family.

Jeff Harvey is a freelance reporter and columnist for the Princeton Times. Contact him at

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