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In a summer where fans of the Appalachian League should be celebrating the return of baseball, a shocking event occurred recently involving one of the teams.

According to the reports, a player for the Kingsport Axmen allegedly threatened teammates to the point that the police had to be called in to intervene.

What I don’t understand is how one incident could result in the team’s suspension for the remainder of the season by USA Baseball. It seems to be too much to me. Let the authorities deal with the case, but don’t punish the innocent parties, including the fans.

I double-checked. There will be a Kingsport team, the Road Warriors, which will play out the A.L. season with a new coaching staff. The player in question has been charged with three counts of giving a false report and one count of harassment.

I’m looking forward to Concord football and seeing for myself what changes Dave Walker has made in the program. If I was a player, I’d just be anxious to hit and get hit after just one game played since 2019.

We conclude our look at the NFC this week with its toughest division, the NFC West. A 9-8 record could place a team last.

The Seattle Seahawks had their own quarterback drama involving Russell Wilson earlier in the off-season, but have seemingly resolved it for the short term at least. A defensive boost should make the team the favorite.

The Los Angeles Rams traded for Matt Stafford and have the division’s two biggest defensive stars in Jalen Ramsey and Aaron Donald. I think Stafford will do well at quarterback, but I also think that Seattle has the advantage.

By the way, I goofed last week. The Lions’ new quarterback is Jared Goff, not Tyler.

The San Francisco 49ers will be a divisional power once they settle on a quarterback. I think Trey Lance will be be a starter, but I think it will be Jimmy Garoppolo this year. If the roster is healthy, it’s the best in the division.

The Arizona Cardinals have rising star Kyler Murray and the best receiver in the division in DeAndre Hopkins. The key for them will be the defense which added J.J. Watt, among others.

I see the Seahawks, Rams, Buccaneers, Saints, Packers, Cowboys and 49ers as the playoff teams in the NFC. I don’t see a repeat of last year, though, as I see the Seahawks beating the Buccaneers 28-22 in the NFC Championship Game.

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