Jeff Harvey

The 2021 Concord football schedule has been released and I’m having trouble finding things to say about the team.

They have played one game since the 2019 season due to the pandemic and it was a convincing win against West Virginia Wesleyan but it was on the road.

Having said that, I look forward to seeing if Dave Walker can handle the talent he has the way he did at Martinsburg and East Hardy high schools, where he rebuilt two programs which had been down into powerhouses.

The last two rebuilds for Concord were done under less promising conditions. The teams that Tony Colobro and Mike Kellar, respectively, took over had each went win-less the preceding season.

Both men used inherited talent, along with their own recruits, to build the Concord program. The latter portion of the talent included a quarterback around whom an offense could be built.

The program Colobro built was good until the early 1990s, then slipped. The program Kellar built lasted the better part of a decade before slipping.

There isn’t the fan impatience which has plagued WVU and other, bigger, programs at Concord. That’s a point in CU’s favor.

I do have a question about the players who were given a fifth year of eligibility because of the pandemic. Was last spring’s one game counted as a full season or not? If so, the team will need to fill a few positions. If not, they have some seasoned veterans.

I know that CU women’s basketball star Riley Fitzwater will be returning as a fifth-year graduate student to play her final year of eligibility. Sometime, I’m going to look through Concord’s records to see how she ranks among the program’s players.

Jeff Harvey is a freelance reporter and columnist for the Princeton Times. Contact him at

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