Jeff Harvey

While I’ve been writing about other things, the NBA Playoffs have been going on and they, for the most part, have been interesting series once the conference semi-finals rolled around.

The one exception to that statement was the Milwaukee-Boston series, a 4-1 series won by the Bucks as the best player on the floor, Milwaukee’s Giannis Antetokounmpo, , basically took over, while Kyrie Irving and company imploded.

The series that gets the least amount of attention, the Denver-Portland series, is the best one as neither team ever really established a real edge over the other even with Portland missing their best big man and third-best player. Denver has an amazing big man who’s getting attention nationally because of his play and very good supporting players.

I’m amazed that the Toronto-Philadelphia series has gone as long as it has, given that Joel Embiid has been sick through most of it and Ben Simmons hasn’t played up to form, while Toronto’s Kawhi Leonard has been great. Then again, the Toronto supporting cast has been inconsistent.

That brings us to Houston-Golden State, where a team which managed to lose two home playoff games to the Clippers managed to pull off a victory in a game where the team’s top star got hurt and still managed to win the next game on the road. As for Houston, they may have reached the end of the line with the current cast which could be trouble for Mike D’Antoni.

It’s not just D’Antoni, though, who could be in trouble. Rumors have Brett Brown of Philadelphia possibly gone if the 76ers don’t win their series. I think Brad Stevens of Boston is safe despite him blaming himself for the Boston loss, given that Kyrie Irving seems to be the fans and media’s designated scapegoat.

Apparently, the Lakers have settled on Frank Vogel, formerly the head coach of the Pacers and Magic as head coach, after basically insulting Tyrone Lue with only a three-year contract offer. Vogel’s Pacers never could get past the Miami Heat teams which included LeBron James. Now, he’ll be coaching LeBron.

I can’t help but feel that the reason Vogel got hired was that he accepted a three-year contract and Jason Kidd as an assistant coach, both which Lue refused. I hope I’m wrong but the Lakers’ troubles aren’t over yet.

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