Jeff Harvey

I feel that I should offer a disclaimer with my predictions in any sport, something along the line of how my predictions are nothing more than more or less educated guesses, uninfluenced by the betting line.How else can you explain my picking against the Tennessee Titans two weeks in a row and now they'll be traveling to the AFC Championship Game as a participant. I underestimated their defense and running game. I also forgot that sixth seeds have made and won the Super Bowl before.

Before going further into football, I want to offer this comment about the present situation between Major League Baseball and the minor leagues involving the potential elimination of 42 minor league franchise, including the bulk of the Appalachian League, as of 2021. In addition to hurting the local communities economically, this proposal is penny-wise and pound-foolish for two reasons I can call up right now. First, getting the U.S. Senate interested in possibly reviewing the anti-trust exemption, which is something no owner wants. Second, you have a lot of high school draftees as well as even younger Latin Americans who need the polish not only in baseball, but in cultural acclimation, that another level of minor league baseball can provide. Send your college draftees to A,AA and even AAA ball in the best cases.My best advice is for you to contact minor league baseball or major league baseball at and, tactfully, request that they keep the present arrangement in the minor leagues. Better yet, follow Princeton Baseball Association President Dewey Russell's advice and show up at Hunnicutt and Bowen fields in high numbers.

Well, I went 1-1 for my Sunday games as Kansas City came back from a 24-0 deficit and routed Houston 51-24 and Green Bay, whom I did not pick, slipped past Seattle 28-23.

I see the 49ers beating the Packers on the strength of their defense and the Chiefs using both their improved defense and their passing game to win.

Please remember my disclaimer at the top of this column.

Jeff Harvey is a freelance reporter for the Princeton Times. Contact him at

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