BLUEFIELD — Contributions two baseball clubs make to the Mercer County community were recognized Thursday when they were presented an annual award which celebrates the way individuals and organizations improve the quality of life.

The managers of the Bluefield Baseball Club, Inc. and the Princeton Baseball Association, Inc. met Thursday morning with Craig Hammond, host of the radio show Radio Active, to receive the annual William A. Myers Community Spirit Award.

“Bluefield Baseball Club, Inc. and the Bluefield Blue Jays are very proud to receive this award and be representative of the city of Bluefield,” General Manager Rocky Malamisura said. “And to be awarded the Spirit Award reflects on the spirit of minor league baseball in the Bluefield area. We’re opening up the season at home on the 25th of June. We’re in the middle of getting the field and the facilities ready for the teams.”

General Manager Danny Shingleton said the Princeton Rays were also preparing for the upcoming season.

“It’s a huge honor just to be a part of the community and to share this with the Bluefield team,” Shingleton said. “We’re in the process, like Rocky, of getting the field ready, getting the stadium clean and all those other things we have to do before our season starts.”

Hammond said the award recognizes people who help improve the local quality of life.

“The Community Spirit Award began in 2001 or 2002, I’m not sure, and we give it every year to an organization or to an individual who just lifts the spirits of our community and just does things to make our community a better place to live,” Hammond said. “And this year we chose the two baseball teams because they really, I think, embody what community is all about. People go in, just have a lot of fun, go to every game. They’re very worthy of this year’s award.”

The annual award is presented in memory of William Myers, a long-time community servant who dedicated his life to making the region a better place to live. Myers, who passed away in 2000, is the father of Bluefield Daily Telegraph Editor Samantha Perry.

The William A. Myers Community Spirit Award is named after a Mercer County resident who was passionate about improving the local quality of life.

“William Myers was a longtime resident of the community. He was someone who really cared about his community. He would attend all the public hearings, and he was really engaged with the community in ways people don’t realize,” Hammond said. “He was there to make it better. I remember when I was serving on the public health board, he would attend many of the meetings. He would be there instead of to complain, he was there to give insight to things. He really did what I wish all people would do, you know, when they come to a public event or a public hearing. Contribute instead of detract. That’s what he would do.”

Myers had five children: The late William E. Myers of Birmingham, Ala.; Pam Krondon of River Road, Bramwell; Ann White of Princeton; Ed Myers of Princeton and North Carolina; and Perry of Duhring.

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