It occurs to me as I get older that I suffer from a lack of sunshine or an allergy to several dreary days in a row. I even get the impulse to steal a line from Snoopy’s novel and write one myself, only adapting it to day instead of night, “It was a dark and stormy day.”

I knew from the onset that this day being a dark and dreary day would not be productive. Still in my pajamas, trying to do something interesting if not productive, I flip to the classic movie channel. Nothing there but old gangster movies. Old gangster movies will not brighten a dreary day. One would think that the program planners would consider the weather when selecting the movies. If a dreary mood has overtaken someone, George Raft and Edward G. Robinson are not a good choice.

Still in pajamas, on the sixth cup of coffee, I begin to absorb the beauty of everything the planners have chosen to present today. The lovely slim stretch dresses in marvelous vibrant colors with little cap sleeves and the slim legged pants giving the illusion of being taller, how wonderful. Undergarments guaranteed to pull in the midriff, colorful belts to accent the mid body and jewelry accents fit for a princess.

Suddenly the dark mood is beginning to let go. Seeing myself in a lovely peach stretch dress with lovely pastel jewelry and a gorgeous multi-colored two-inch belt. This belt can also be worn with the soft draping tunic top that look good with the slim legged pants. These things are not luxury items, immediately they become necessities.

I even considered what jackets were in my wardrobe that would work with the slim stretch dress with the cute cap sleeves. I was not so lost in the moment that I forgot my upper arm flabbiness would not enhance cap sleeves.

On a dreary day it is so easy to pick up the phone and purchase something lovely and colorful, which I did. The dress comes in sizes: extra small, small, medium, large, extra large, then 1X, 2X, etc. Being a medium, the medium was purchased, also the slim stretch, (make me look taller), pants and the multi-colored two-inch wide belt.

It was a sunny and wonderful day when these items were delivered. The thrill is the same as when opening Christmas or birthday packages. Ripping and tearing are just normal opening procedures.

The peach dress, just as lovely as advertised, beyond words; but somehow it looked rather small. Trying it on it was even smaller. Please tell me the size is European or something. Surely the sizing technique on these dresses would not be to discourage female senior citizens from purchasing them. With loose upper arms and ample thighs the dress looked like a peach nylon stocking pulled over a snowman. The slim stretchy pants were no better, they looked like riding pants. The lovely, two-inch wide, multi-colored belt; I don’t know why I purchased it to go with my existing tunic tops, the tops were purchased to camouflage that there is no waist.

Getting the things prepared to ship is  no picnic. These items come in a box not much larger than a box of candy. To return these items it takes a box about the size of a small toaster oven.

There is a moral to this story and a lesson to be learned. If, on a dreary day, there is a temptation to watch the shopping channel, beware; because the day you receive these items, if it is sunny, it could become dreary. The best bet is to go ahead and watch George Raft and Edward G. Robinson and have some donuts with your coffee.

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