It occurs to me as I get older that I am becoming more and more resentful of the term used to describe seniors income as “fixed.” this is not a new term to me, my income has always been fixed by how much my employer paid me. Of course, it is understood that the reference is made because seniors do not usually have the potential of earning to increase their incomes. With limited resources, investing is also not likely and adding to the savings is almost an impossibility.

The financial news has recently indicated that younger working people are also not saving or investing. The reason could be that it takes most of their financial resources to satisfy their current expenses.

When most seniors were younger, couples just starting on the adventure of housekeeping, most of us felt blessed when the money and the month came out even. This was before the great solution of credit cards and high limit credit. Actually credit is a good thing and a bad thing. I suppose it encourages economic growth because of goods and services bought and sold. The down side to credit is that it can create a lot of stress and woe on a family.

In ancient times when debts could not be paid, the children and sometimes the wives were taken into bondage until the debt was paid by working it off. Not a workable solution for today.

Prices being what they are for big ticket items most families have to resort to credit. This seems like a vicious cycle, we work to get ahead and the only thing ahead is the need to work more to keep even.

Could the barter system ever work again? Not really. My doctor, who drives a Lincoln truck, would not likely take two chickens and a sack of potatoes for his fee, although I haven’t asked him. On the other hand, if I could afford to buy two live chickens and a sack of potatoes, I could probably pay his fee. In my case, bartering won’t work; it is difficult to raise chickens in an apartment and growing potatoes in a window-box hardly seems productive.

We must find a solution, not counterfeiting, the printing and circulating of money that has no collateral or backing is certainly a criminal offense. Unless of course it is printed and circulated by the Federal Government.

As for myself and other seniors we will just go on with our fixed incomes and try to cut our expenses as best we can by cutting out luxuries such as: vitamin supplements, pain ointments for our backs and knees, bunion pads, and of course, let’s not forget the All Bran.

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