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Another Hall of Famer passed away since we last met as Baseball Hall of Famer Edward Charles “Whitey” Ford passed away Wednesday at the age of 91.

Ford, who received his nickname because of his light blond hair, wasn’t as dominant as Bob Gibson in a single start, but his record in the World Series was even better as he went 16-4 over his career.

He had the best record in Yankees history with 236 wins and a winning percentage of.693,best in baseball history for 500 career starts.

His friendship with Mickey Mantle saw the two of them inducted into Cooperstown in 1973 and contributed to baseball lore as the two of them gave rookie Pete Rose his “Charlie Hustle” nickname.

Going locally for a moment, congratulations to new Bluefield State College head football coach Tony Coaxum. He definitely has a varied background with an education at West Point and assistant coach stints at Army, the Baltimore Ravens, the Denver Broncos (the 2016 Super Bowl champion team) and Northern Colorado.

He’ll have the challenge of reviving a BSC program which last played in 1980. I wish him well.

Going to the NFL, they are having to deal with the same COVID-19 concerns as baseball and college football. We’ve already seen postponement of games and rescheduling of others.

On the field, we’ve seen Tom Brady and Drew Brees show signs of another form of Hall of Fame mortality, faltering performance.

The best records thus far come from teams who have been receiving good performances from their quarterbacks, namely Buffalo as Josh Allen refines his game; Tennessee with the revived Ryan Tannenhill; Pittsburgh with Ben Rothlisberger making a remarkable recovery from a career-threatening elbow injury; Kansas City and Patrick Mahomes II; Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers; and Seattle and Russell Wilson.

I don’t want to slight the defensive side of the ball as many of those teams are also in the lower range of points allowed as well.

Right now, the most messed-up teams, except Houston, which gave a head coach too much personnel power, are the ones in true trouble. I’m talking Dallas, Washington and the Jets, all of whom have owners who have either lost their touch or never had it.

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