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I’m waiting until NFL training camps open before I start making predictions.

One rule of thumb that I use is that better-run organizations tend to do better than those which are blundering along.

In other words, don’t expect Cleveland Washington or Houston to be contenders for the Super Bowl unless they drastically improve in management.

Actually Houston would be a bad team right now on merit. They had the Deshaun Watson albatross around their collective necks and may still be sanctioned if allegations get proven that they assisted him.

Washington getting caught off-guard when pressure forced them to drop their nickname has proven to be the least of their problems. While the headlines were either unintentionally funny (Cowboys Lose To Football Team) or ridiculous (Football Team Defeats Eagles), the lame nature of the Washington Football Team name was only a mild embarrassment.

The organization has gone through quarterbacks and head coaches at an embarrassing rate since Daniel Snyder bought the team from Jack Kent Cooke’s estate. They didn’t just fire Scott McCarron , they did a hatchet job on him.

The worst parts are the alleged financial misconduct and misogynistic behavior under Snyder’s ownership.

Cleveland is as unstable as Washington when it comes to coaches and players. They try to link up with the old Browns’ legacy whenever they çan and the results are mixed at best.

The Browns could have traded Baker Mayfield to Houston as part of the Watson package. His contract was nowhere near as expensive as Russell Wilson’s was for Denver or Watson’s for them.

Well that’s enough of football’s miscreants for now

Jeff Harvey is a freelance reporter and columnist for the Princeton Times. Contact him at,

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