Jeff Harvey

Let’s look at the NFL seven weeks into this season.

I’m not a sadist, so I’ll try to be merciful looking at the NFC East for the sake of its fans. Having said that,this is a division with two of the worst owners in it with Dallas’ Jerry Jones,who makes it worse by being the general manager,and Washington’s Daniel Snyder,who,among other deficits,let the controversy over the team name go too far.

The Giants are early in the rebuilding process and the Eagles are decimated with injuries thus far. I think, either the Eagles or the Cowboys will get straightened out and go 9-7or 10-6.

Going to the NFC South,based on early returns,the Tom Brady signing by the Buccaneers has generally been a success so far. The Patriots’ signing of Cam Newton is an “incomplete”,due to illness and injury.

The NFC North is currently a battleground between two traditional rivals: The Packers and the Bears. Aaron Rodgers is playing about as well as he ever has for the former and Nick Foles is doing a good game-manager role for the latter.

As for the NFC West, Seattle is right now riding a Hall of Fame level year from Russell Wilson. In fact,barring serious receiver injuries,I’d let Antonio Brown go his merry way.

The Seahawks can’t rest because they have three tough rivals in the Rams, the rising Cardinals and defending NFC champion San Francisco in the same division.

Buffalo currently leads the AFC East in part due to the improved play of Josh Allen. He Allen. He ranks behind Patrick Mahomes and DeShawn Watson in the quarterbacks with less than five years experience standings. Put Dak Prescott in there when he is healthy.

We get to see Tua Taginlova start Sunday for the Dolphins. Hopefully, it’ll be a good experience although the Rams have -one of those rare defensive superstars in In defensive end Aaron Donald.

The AFC North has Pittsburgh playing at a Super Bowl level,Baltimore struggling a bit Cleveland losing big to the top two teams and beating everyone else and Cincinnati taking its lumps.

The AFC South has Tennessee doing well despite being affected by COVID-19 more than any other pro team.

The AFC West is still Kansas City’s to lose, but the relocated Las Vegas Raiders have something to say in that regard.

Jeff Harvey is a freelance reporter and columnist for the Princeton Times. Contact him at

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