Jeff Harvey

People call the names of the new Appalachian League teams absurd, which I find strange.

These people think the Princeton Whistlepigs is the height of absurdity, but hang on the words of people like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady months before the football season starts.

I’d rather have an alternative name for a ground hog that the Hamlet of Green Bay and the post-New England version of Brady. They may be the two greatest of all time, but they make me long for the strong, silent type.

One thing that wasn’t absurd which came out last week was the NCAA finally allowing athletes to benefit from their names and likenesses. Of course, they had to be dragged kicking and screaming to do so, but giving the athletes the opportunity to earn spending money is a good idea.

As for my NFL predictions, I’m going to the NFC East won last year by a seven-win Washington team.

The Dallas Cowboys lost their quarterback Dak Prescott to injury in their fifth game. That, combined with offensive line injuries and the worst defense in club history, led to a bad season. Prescott and a hopefully better defense should lead to better things.

Washington had the defense Dallas wanted last year but a weak offense headed by a quarterback shuffle. I’ve my doubts concerning Ryan Fitzpatrick, but he’s better than what they had at quarterback.

The New York Giants have added talent at wide receiver and defense plus they hope Sequan Barkley returns at full strength. I hope Daniel Jones improves at quarterback, because this team could be the surprise of the conference if he does.

The Philadelphia Eagles need to commit to Jalen Hurts at quarterback to stabilize. Hurts proved at Oklahoma that he wasn’t just a product of Nick Saban’s system. Besides, the team has a lot worse going for it than quarterback.

Jeff Harvey is a freelance reporter and columnist for the Princeton Times. Contact him at

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