Jeff Harvey

It should be no surprise that the former Washington Redskins punted when it came to a new franchise nickname. Under Daniel Snyder’s ownership, they couldn’t organize a drinking contest in a bar.

They got rid of the old name after considerable pressure from sponsors, fans, the NFL office and other pressure groups, but didn’t have a new name as a contingency plan. I realize that naming the team the Senators would bring back memories of two baseball teams which left town and the name Generals brings memories of a team which is constantly defeated by the Harlem Globetrotters, but Washington Football Team belongs to a soccer team.

Shifting our focus to the AFC North Division, the Baltimore Ravens had a great season which ended in a Divisional Round loss. I think Lamar Jackson will develop into a more well-rounded quarterback, considering that he’s in his third year and is still younger than top pick Joe Burrow. Improvements in the receiver corps will also help his development..

While the division’s youngest quarterback continues his development, the division’s oldest quarterback, Ben Rothlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers, is attempting a comeback from the same serious injury which ended Terry Bradshaw’s career. The two quarterbacks that took over for him weren’t quite up to the task of carrying the team to serious playoff contention. It’s still a good team.

I was more cautious than others when it came to the Cleveland Browns last year. A team with its history of instability everywhere which had a combustible group of offensive talents in every sense but lacking offensive line talent and defense shouldn’t been rated so highly. Their biggest hope is that Baker Mayfield improves and Kennedy Hunt is available full-time.

The Cincinnati Bengals drafted Burrow and, judging from their trade of Andy Dalton, they expect him to start from Game One. They are a couple of years away at this point.

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