Jeff Harvey

I wrote last week about WVU’s relative lack of success in winning national titles outside of its rifle program. At that time, the baseball program was involved in the Big 12 Conference tournament, but they finished 2-2 in it to end their year.

The new Appalachian League with the affiliation with USA Baseball started this past week. I wish them well, although I think the rules imposed by USA Baseball governing fan interaction with the players with closed practices will not work out well.

The real charm of minor league baseball, which is what we’re talking about here, is fan interaction. The ideal situation would be the West Virginia Miners based out of Beckley which draws from the same talent pool as the AL but doesn’t limit fan interaction in the same way.

Still, I hope the new format is a success. I think exposing college freshman and sophomore players to a wood bat league will help them both in college and, should they be so fortunate as to get signed professionally later on, in the higher minors.

I wrote last week that neither I nor anyone else had the right to dictate what someone else does with their talents. I wrote that while thinking about Tim Tebow and his attempt to return to the NFL as a tight end.

Judging by the tone of the comments, you’d think he was committing a crime against humanity for trying to return at a new position at the age of 34.

I don’t think he’ll be successful, but can we at least tone down the comments?

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