Jeff Harvey

The dissolution of the Big 12 Conference took another step forward this past week with the unanimous vote by the presidents of the Southeastern Conference to extend invitations to Texas and Oklahoma to join and the subsequent acceptance of those invitations.

I don’t see much optimism for WVU in light of these events. The Big 12 membership was, after all, a last resort for them since the geographically-logical ACC and Big 10 didn’t take them in and only Notre Dame seems to do well as an independent.

It looks like the eight remaining Big 12 teams will limp along as a conference barring any jumps or mergers (rumors have a merger with the Pac 12 as a possibility).

There is something which bothers me inordinately, something minor that irritates me. ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser recently has had the habit of referring to West Virginia in a somewhat negative sense when talking about this story. It’s almost as bad as his comments about Tea Party members years ago, except that those comments were less gratuitous cheap shots.

Switching to NFL quarterback drama, both Aaron Rodgers and Deshawn Watson reported to their respective teams last week. The former was very much involved in team activities while the latter was pretty much an afterthought due to his legal issues.

On his second day of camp, Rodgers held an in-depth press conference where he laid out his issues with team management. Basically, he wanted to be Tom Brady 2020 in having a role in choosing talent.

Anyway, I see the Packers winning their division, but not the conference, due to the turmoil.

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