Jeff Harvey

Well, at least I had the right team winning.

Super Bowl 53 or LIII (I incorrectly listed it as LII) was really a game for those who like defense and kicks. Except for New England’s Julian Edleman’s great night and, to a lesser extent, Rod Gronkowski and Sonny Michel, no offensive skill player on either side had a night to compare to his best standards, not even Tom Brady.

I’ve already seen media reviews which rated LIII as the worst Super Bowl ever, which I think was a bit harsh. I’d save that distinction for one of several blowouts in SB history. It was a low-scoring game with its share of mistakes, but it held the audience’s interest, in my opinion.

This game was the first one in which I’d heard Tony Romo do color commentary. His reputation as a great analyst is deserved and Jim Nantz wasn’t bad doing play-by-play, either.

Now that football is over, it’s time for baseball predictions, starting with the A.L. East, home of the World Champion Boston Red Sox.

Speaking of the Red Sox, they have great talent such as MVP Mookie Betts, his outfield mates Jackie Bradley, Jr. and Andrew Benintendi, Chris Sale, David Price, Rick Porcello and J.D. Martinez, enough to make a run for a fifth title since 2004. To do so, they have to address second base, catcher and the bullpen.

The New York Yankees have two big sluggers in Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton, a better bullpen than Boston’s and a good offensive catcher in Gary Sanchez. They have to hope that James Paxton stays healthy, that Sanchez plays better defensively and that they can find a shortstop to fill in for Tommy John surgery patient Didi Gregorius.

The Tampa Bay Rays developed a strategy of using a reliever as a game opener 55 times last year and with two spots in the rotation open, will do so again. What they have are no real superstars, but solid production in every part of the game, although they could use a reliever or two.

The Toronto Blue Jays are committed to rebuilding around Vladmir Guerrero, Jr., their best prospect since at least Carlos Delgado. They look to have new faces at third, shortstop and catcher to start the season, with more changes to come.

The Baltimore Orioles are just started rebuilding with a new manager and general manager. They need help virtually everywhere.

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