Jeff Harvey

Before we all have a chance to review my competence in picking the NFL’s championship games, there’s another elephant or, for a better analog, another bug in the room to be addressed, which is the use of technology to steal signs in baseball,First of all, I don’t agree with the likes of Bill Plaschke, that the 2017 or 2018 World Series titles be vacated. That would be the equivalent to Orwell’s Big Brother in the novel 1984 who erased the existing histories.

First, if the Astros were gaining such an advantage stealing signs two years ago what happened in 2019? They lost every World Series game at home. Where the electronic sign stealing would give them the best advantage

Second, they have three managers and one general manager vacancy less than a month before spring training. The teams will have to resort to a “Band-Aid” approach to their most critical on-field position. That means veteran retreads because no managerial prospect would want to enter such a mess and be under such scrutiny.

Third, Rod Marinelli let three owners and/or ownership groups skate because they are his bosses.

Fourth, it hardly rates with the Black Sox scandal or the color bar on baseball’s dark history.

Enough of that overblown mess, let’s talk WVU basketball. I’m usually very cautious about the men’s basketball team, but this could be the year they win it all, basically because there are no really dominant teams pm the scene and the tournament will probably be wide open. Also, the team is more talented than in previous years.

The Chiefs won the AFC title as they won a game with enough offense to get past a tough Titans team.

The Super Bowl will be an all new match up between the 49ers and the Chiefs and I’ll have more on the game in the near-future.

The former team defeated the Packers thanks more to their defense.

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