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Before we get started, I want to wish all of you a Happy belated Thanksgiving.

I do want to take this opportunity to recognize the Concord women’s soccer team for winning the Mountain East Title and getting an automatic berth into the NCAA Division II playoffs. It’s the first-ever title for women’s soccer in Concord history.

Note: Concord lost 2-0 to West Chester to finish 19-2 on the season.

The Concord basketball teams have gotten off to 2-2 and 2-1 starts for the men and women, respectively. The men are trying to rebuild their offense after their starting backcourt departed due to graduation and transfer, respectively. The women lost their starting backcourt to graduation as well, but they had two established frontcourt scorers in PikeView High School alumnus Madison May and Riley (I accidentally called her “Renee”) Fitzwater.

It may be a coincidental factor but the Concord women began their latest upswing at the same time they recruited a number of local players. May, a senior, and sophomore Maggie Guynn from Narrows, Va. are the most prominent on the roster.

From the sublime to the ridiculous is a matter of perspective and a few words. The latest in the Colin Kaepernick saga saw the NFL offer him a workout in Atlanta on Saturday and he apparently agreed to it. Come Saturday, he refused to work out under the NFL’s structure and wanted to set up his own conditions, such as selecting his own receivers, and nothing came of it. So I guess this is it for him.

I thought the NFL was a little heavy-handed in the way they dealt with him, giving him basically two hours to agree to their conditions. One could hardly blame him for being a wee bit paranoid.

Kaepernick, for his part, turned supporters such as Stephen A. Smith into critics by his actions. He had to know that his window to get back in the NFL was vey narrow, being past 30 and away from the game for three years, but his diva side may have closed that window.

My position on this situation is this: Colin Kaepenick had proven he can play quarterback in the NFL and even in his last season, when the controversy was at its hottest and his team wasn’t very good, he showed some ability. He chose, however, to decline his player option in his contract, but he should have gotten a shot, given the state of NFL reserve quarterbacking then and even now. The NFL was wrong to blacklist him for his politics, given that there were and are players who are recidivists for on-the field offenses and/or arrest records playing.

I do think Kaepernick was naïve in tuning down his option, given the climate of the time and he didn’t act conciliatory towards his critics (in fairness, it went both ways). His wearing socks depicting police officers as pigs and his enthusiastically wearing a Che Gueverra shirt, a shirt honoring a racist, sexist murderer who was Castro’s right-hand man, didn’t speak of conciliation.

I don’t think the saga is over, but if both sides continue acting the way they have done to date. it might as well be.

Finally, Paul Price stepped down as Concord’s head football coach this past week. Despite his record, he handled himself with grace in both defeat and victory.

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