Jeff Harvey

Overreaction is the first step to mass destruction.

That thought came to me while watching the ESPN afternoon line-up regarding the on-going coranavirus situation.

I’m not going to make light of the deaths or the trouble this virus has caused and is causing, but, unless all sides put on the brakes on the blame-gaming and the hysteria, things will never get better.

Case in point: The effective shutdown of all sports activities. This will devastate not only local activities but the economies of areas which would have benefited from them. They might return, but they’ll be damaged.

If you haven’t torn up this column by now, I’ll finish my look at the National League with a look at the National League West.

The Los Angeles Dodgers were already a very good team before they became the first beneficiary of the fire sale by the Boston Red Sox in getting Mookie Betts and a decent pitcher in David Price. Now, they are a couple of relief pitchers away from being World Series favorites.

I’ve been basically following the chalk with my predictions, but I’m going to vary from it in predicting the San Diego Padres for second. They have been building while Colorado has been stagnating and Arizona has been trading away their best players. They need to get a rotation settled before becoming real playoff contenders.

The aforementioned stagnation by the Rockies limits them to third. Their best player, Nolan Arrenendo, has been vocal in his disappointment. Should the rotation return to form, they could bounce back.

The Diamondbacks signed Madison Baumgartner to help boost the pitching rotation. They are in need of lineup strengthening to move up.

The San Francisco Giants are starting over or should be. They are in need of young talent everywhere.

I see the Dodgers. Cardinals, Cubs, Nationals and Braves in the N.L. playoffs with the Dodgers defeating the Braves 4 games to 2 in the NLCS.

Jeff Harvey is a freelance reporter and columnist for the Princeton Times. Contact him at

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