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Before we go into another section of William Sanders II ‘s book “A New River Heritage, Volume IV”, (McClain Publishing, 1994. I want to address something I received in my e-mail from my friend, Concord University President Emeritus Dr. Jerry Beasley, regarding last week’s “This week in West Virginia History’ section in the Times.

The item involved then-Governor Cecil Underwood’s speech to the 1960 Republican National Convention. The speech, according to Jerry, was largely written by then-Concord College President Dr. Joseph Franklin Marsh, Jr. Jerry’s trying to get a copy of the speech for the CU archives.

Getting back to Sanders, we go to the Hutchinson family whose family cemetery was located it the Littlesburg community near Hurricane Ridge. The cemetery was named for Alexander Hutchinson. As of 1994, one of Alexander Hutchinson’s children, Harry, was still living in Green Valley after serving for many years as the manager of the Southern States store in Princeton.

Another Hutchinson, H.L., acquired the property which would become the airport in 1947 by deed from Julia and R.K. Morton, C.M. and Jean Fisher, J.M. Davidson, W.S. Davidson, A.C. and Bessie Davidson, J.P. and Virginia Davidson and Suiter Davidson.

H.L. Hutchinson’s estate was later involved in legal action regarding partitioning the estate to give the airport the remainder of the estate for potential expansion with four heirs represented by Sanders and three represented by Bill Winfrey, Sr.

The Hutchinson/Hutchison family came from Red Sulphur Springs in Monroe County. John Hutchison served as the first county clerk in Monroe County and was the main petitioner for the creation of Monroe County in 1799. The petition to create Monroe County was heatedly opposed by Colonel John Stuart, Christian Peters and others.

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