This week I started writing Christmas cards. It’s a task I look forward to and somewhat dread at the same time. Though I love sending pretty cards with holiday stamps and possibly a festive sticker on the envelope, I don’t care much for the hand cramps and the time consumption.

However, those are really the only complaints I have. I honestly enjoy sending cards to family and friends I don’t often get to see during the year. Just seeing their name in my address book and writing a quick note makes me feel more connected to those who live hundreds, and thousands, of miles away. It’s nice to know that I can share some of my time updating those I love on what is going on my life, and let them know how much I miss them and hope they are doing well. It’s worth the time, hand cramps and a trip to the post office for those two books of stamps I will buy all year — I don’t send much mail otherwise.

I also really love to receive cards in the mail. From the cute photo cards that show how much the little cousins have grown into young adults, to the hand-written letters that provide an update on the entire family, every one of them is cherished. Once I read the cards I add them to the “card wall” that I create every year at home. I know it may sound a little cheesy, but it’s kind of like a wall of love; letters from those who took the time to show they cared.

Holiday cards are a simple way to reach out to family and friends. It’s so important to stay connected to the people that have touched your life and who mean so much. Aside from letters from family, one of the cards I most look forward to each year comes from the parents of one of my best friends. My friend and I known each other since we were in middle school and I always had a wonderful relationship with her family. Even though they live in Texas now, it’s wonderful that we still keep in touch.

Cards are just one of the many ways to reach out to loved ones during this time of year. It’s even better when we get to spend time with the ones we care about, but sometimes the best we can do is a note in a card to let that person know they are missed. The holiday season is a time to stay connected, even if all we may have time for is a quick note; it will mean something special to the person on the receiving end.

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