Sometimes, we just know it's time to move on

Fawn Musick

Six years ago, in early December, I contacted Tammie Toler about writing this column. I had been writing stories for my children and family for a few years, and they all encouraged me to share them with a wider audience. Tammie also encouraged me, and the first Six in The Morning article was written and published in December 2012.

While six years does not seem like a long time, in reality, many things can happen over the span of six short years. Our household dropped considerably from three teens, one pre-teen, and the youngest to one renter, one college-age girl and the youngest. We relocated to North Carolina and opened our own up-and-coming psychiatry office. We have gained grandchildren, a son-in-law, a daughter-in-law, and various chickens in the six years.

We changed presidents. The economy changed. The culture has gotten weirder. Jobs are difficult to find. Healthcare issues are rampant. Shootings abound. In short, life is still difficult and complex.

I love writing about family and values because I believe that they are the bedrock upon which most of us live. I love sharing my stories with you, and I especially love when someone writes to tell me that my story is spot on. But now, it is time for me to move on.

I work full-time in the psychiatry office and still cook each night for whoever happens to be in the house. Things are slowing down some for us, but I have much unfinished writing that I want to work on. I will continue to post to my blog (, and I would love it if you wanted to connect with me there.

Over the past six years, my values have only strengthened as I sort through thoughts and ideas each week to present to you. I try to think through situations and hopefully present a positive, thoughtful outlook on current issues. Sometimes, I write about what is heavy on my heart, and other times, I write about the silly things that happen in our lives. Hopefully, with every writing, you can see the presence of God moving through my life.

As such, I offer these last words through this column:

• Give Grace as often as possible. Grace is far more powerful than criticism.

• Be Kind even if you don’t understand the ins and outs of the situation.

• Give your time to others. Writing a check is easy, but time can be of more value.

• Listen to the stories that people tell. Really listen. This is your history.

• Have the courage to discipline your children.

• Don’t judge. Be kind, and leave the judging up to a higher power.

• Be crazy now and then. Just enjoy life and trust that all will work out.

• Take the time to improve yourself. Be insightful.

• Love your kids fully and teach them to love others.

• Fight selfishness with every breath.

• Never forget who is really in control.

Thank you for sharing in my stories over the past six years.