There was a strong- arm robbery, of a neighborhood store, in Ferguson, MO.

A video of the robbery shows it was Michael Brown, robbing, assaulting, and manhandling the store worker. This video also demonstrates Brown’s contemptuous attitude, demeanor, and personality.

Just a few minutes later, in another demonstration of his antisocial attitude, Brown and his cohort, Dorian Johnson, were contemptuously walking in the middle of a street, intentionally impeding traffic.

Officer Darren Wilson, who just happened to be driving by, directed Brown and Johnson to get out of the street, and walk on the sidewalk. At that time, Officer Wilson was not aware that Brown, along with Johnson, had just robbed the neighborhood store, and assaulted the store worker. However, both Brown and Johnson knew they had just committed the crimes. So what was their frame of mind when Officer Wilson approached them?

After directing the two to get out of the street, and walk on the sidewalk, Officer Wilson drove on. Brown and Johnson continued to walk in the street. Officer Wilson then backed up to them, and again directed them to get out of the street.

At this time both Brown, and Johnson, with the same attitude and demeanor displayed while robbing the store, confronted Officer Wilson, and became argumentative. Officer Wilson tried to get out of his car, but Brown and Johnson held the door shut.

Johnson claims that Officer Wilson reached out through his car window, and grabbed the 6 ft, 4 in, 292 pound Brown, by the neck, and tried to pull Brown into the car window.

A scuffle occurred and Johnson reportedly admits that Brown tried get Officer Wilson’s gun and the gun was shot inside the car. Reportedly Officer Wilson was struck on the head/face several times by Brown, causing a serious head injury (which by the way is a felony).

Then, reportedly, Brown and Johnson ran. Officer Wilson got out of his car, yelling freeze. Johnson hid behind a car, but Brown turned and, “bum rushed” Officer Wilson. According to urban dictionary, a bum rush is to run full speed into somebody and body slam them into a brick wall, chain link fence, or similar immovable object (like a car).

Officer Wilson,reportedly, fearing for his personal safety, and already injured by Brown, began firing his weapon, hitting brown six times, stopping the charge, and killing Brown.

This incident hit the electronic media and immediately spread like wild fire.

Witnesses came forth with conflicting accounts. Many of the pundits (opinionated persons) would have you believe that Officer Wilson was a cold blooded killer.

People started demonstrating, rioting, destroying property, committing arson, and looting stores. The mayor, and the police chief of Ferguson turned the investigation of the shooting over to the St. Louis County Police. The looting, rioting arson, and destruction of property continued.

The normal outside race-baiters, race- agitators, and race- provocateurs, descended on Ferguson, MO. including Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, The Black Panthers, and later Eric Holder.

President Obama flew back to DC, from his vacation, for a White House meeting. The President decided to send Attorney General Eric Holder, and some of his staff to “calm the situation” in Ferguson, to meet with Al Sharpton, and the Brown family “but (supposedly) not to interfere, or influence the ongoing criminal investigation, nor to apply political pressure.”

After weeks of riots, arson, looting, and destruction of property, some calm has now returned to Ferguson.

The National Guard is being recalled.

A grand jury is now hearing testimony and evidence concerning the Brown shooting (and is made up of nine whites and three blacks). It was not empanelled just for the Brown case. It was empanelled in May 2014. The grand jury is meeting in Clayton, MO, 12 miles away. Grand juries do not decide guilt or innocence, only if there is enough evidence to charge someone with a crime. It is then up to the prosecutor, defense lawyers, witnesses, a jury, and the judge.

As a safety measure, the names and addresses of the grand jury has been denied to the news media. However, they do live in the area and are well aware of what has happened in, and to, Ferguson. These members do not live in isolation, and will have a lot to think about, other than just the facts presented.

How do these “selected” (and they do seem to be selected) events become so spectacular, and blow up so fast, into anarchy, and 24/7 news coverage?

It is definitely not because of the concern for one teenager being shot; if that was so, Chicago would consistently be in a state of “unrest,” Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, The Black Panthers, Obama’s representatives, and many news agencies would be living, and reporting from Chicago, for months on end.

So how are these “selected,” “all consuming,” events orchestrated, mobilized, and put into action so fast?

Why do news reports not provide accurate, and unbiased information? Why are the entertaining, uninformed, talking heads, considered an authority on these events? It seems their writers, and composers, are very opinionated or clueless, at times, and without common sense.

Why do so many people accept news reports as factual, and complete, without visualizing the action, why don’t people consider the feasibility of the report? Why don’t people interject their own common sense, when processing the news?

What would happen in your community if an event like the one in Ferguson, MO. happened? Is your community ready?

— John E. Dills, Princeton

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