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ATHENS — Providing for those students who, for whatever reason, are lacking in food is spurring a campus-wide relief effort at Concord University.

The Concord Food Pantry was started in the fall of 2016 by the Academic Success Center. In 2019, the Office of Veteran Services took over management of the pantry.

The 2020 campaign,which started Nov. 2 and runs until Nov. 20 is being run by Dr. Cory Williams’ Organizational Communications class.

During the aforementioned period, campus organizations are involved in a competition to donate food to the pantry. Individual students, faculty, staff and community members are also encouraged to make donations to the pantry at the Welcome Desk on the second floor of the Beasley Student Center.

Due to COVID-19 protocols, all visitors are required to wear masks.

Concord Vice President of Student Affairs & Dean of Students Dr. Sarah Beasley said, “A student survey several years ago found that 45 percent of our students had food scarcity at least once while at Concord. If a student is hungry, he or she is going to focus on that at the cost of doing what it takes to be a successful student. The Concord University Food Pantry helps to make sure that students don’t go hungry.”

Items requested for the pantry include single servings of nuts; small bags of chips/crackers; breakfast bars; pop-tarts; Jell-O fruit and puddling cups; single servings of oatmeal; Easy Mac; hot chocolate; single serving cereal; Ramen; and single serving rice.

CU student Jessica DeVor, a member of the food pantry promotional committee of Williams’ class, said, “The food pantry helps a lot of students who may not be able to afford food. Some residential students also have families that are not able to provide them with funds for food in the student food program, their only source of food when the cafeteria is not open.”

Jeff Harvey is a freelance reporter and columnist for the Princeton Times. Contact him at

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