Princeton City Pool

The City Council has approved a grant application that would aid in the purchasing of pieces needed to fix the city pool, as well as another application to upgrade Dick Copeland Town Square

PRINCETON — After being closed for the majority of the summer, plans are being made to repair the Princeton city pool prior to the 2020 season.

“We want to get it up and open and ready for next season,” Princeton City Clerk, Ken Clay, said.

During a recent Princeton City Council meeting the council approved a Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) grant application. This would aid in the purchase of pieces needed to get the pool up and running properly.

After an issue surfaced on June 17, of this year, the city faced a dilemma of repairs. These repairs required an expensive special ordered part, as the pieces were custom made in 1996.

The city searched for a business to supply the necessary parts to fix the filter, as the pool was unable to filter water, and found one in Seattle, but it would take four weeks to create. This would have only allowed the pool to be re-opened shortly before season closing.

The pool often brings thousands of visitors per year as it is the only public pool in the county. The pool is also olympic sized allowing many guests to visit and enjoy.

Also approved at the City Council meeting was a second LWCF grant application for Dick Copeland Square located in the downtown area. This grant will allow in the renewal and upgrade of the square.

“We’ll be upgrading it,” Clay said, “It’s part of the plan sponsored by the Princeton Renaissance Project.”

These upgrades will include work on the landscaping, sidewalks, and more, according to Clay. Aside from general beautification it will also add to the overall appeal of the area in hopes of drawing more tourists and customers.

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