ATV fun

MONTCALM — Rather than spending their holiday at home, many tourists came out to southern West Virginia to explore the vast ATV trails for their holiday weekend.

While ATV trailers frequent the area, residents may have seen an increase in these during the July 4 weekend. The increase is welcome to the area with tourism bringing in high numbers of new people.

In Montcalm, the ATV resort The Mud Pit saw a rise in numbers of riders. Diesel trucks hauling various sizes and styles of ATV’s pulled into the Mud Pit and enjoyed their holiday weekend in the West Virginia mountains.

Among these riders, two individuals, who wish to remain anonymous, traveled to the resort from North Carolina. Frequenting the resort, the two and their families have been coming for four years.

“We love the trails and the hospitality in West Virginia,” one said, “We come as much as we get the opportunity to.”

The other had recently ridden a 700 mile trip through the West Virginia trails and was looking forward to go out for more.

“We thought we had trails in our backyards when we were kids, but we didn’t have anything. Y’all got trails,” he said.

The trails also offer diversity to the riders with some ranging in difficulties. This also allows the less experienced riders to also have fun maneuvering their ATV’s.

The first rider, said of the variations, “The diversity goes from easy to difficult, there’s really something for everybody,” he said, “I let my daughter drive today. The green trails are good for them before they get on something that can hurt them.”Mandy Fink, of The Cornershop in Bramwell, said that the restaurant saw a considerable increase of diners during this time. Though riders often fill the shop, Fink said that many of these diners were riders in for the holiday.

Filling the streets of Bramwell, riders exited the trails to eat before heading back out to their adventures. Being a hub for ATV tourism, Bramwell frequently sees ATV riders from across the nation.

In Crumpler, riders also enjoyed festivities at the Crumpler Mountain Resort. Here riders and residents gathered at the resort to partake in food and festivities that included a considerably long water slide and a mud bog.

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