Buildings set for demolition

As part of the city’s progress plan, three buildings on Mercer Street, seen here, are set for demolition. 

PRINCETON — Progress plans in the downtown area of Princeton include the demolition of three buildings.

Though the structures will be taken down plans are already being made for the new space. The three buildings set for demolition are 538, 604, and 606 Mercer Street. With 538 formerly being Service Cleaners and the other two adorned with murals, they are easily memorable.

“The old Service Cleaners building is dilapidated and the other two are not part of the overall plan,” Mercer County Commissioner Greg Puckett said, “The plan is to move the farmer’s market and put it in the downtown area.”

As of now, the farmer’s market takes place in the parking lot of the Mercer County Technical and Education Center. With the new location, the market will have the option to expand.

“All of the buildings are in pretty rough shape,” Ty Smith, of the City’s code enforcement said, “This is part of a million-dollar or million and a half dollar project going in there.”

Not only will this allow the market to have a designated space but it will also draw more people to the downtown area.

“The preliminary plans are being made for that now,” Smith said.

Having spent much time working on the murals on the buildings, and overall hating to see buildings taken down, Puckett is saddened to see them go. Though the structures will be gone progress for the surrounding area will be made, which is important, Puckett expressed.

On the side of 606, a mural of Blind Alfred Reed, who was inducted into the West Virginia music hall of fame, can be seen facing the Grassroots District. Reed, who was a popular American folk musician, lived the latter years of his life in Mercer County.

The City of Princeton is currently accepting bids for the demolition until October 31 at 2 p.m.

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