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As part of a program to help stimulate the economy of Mercer Street busineses, a program called Small Town Tuesday's is giving shoppers a little bit of extra time to shop tsome of their favorite downtown businesses through Christmas. 

PRINCETON — The support shown to the numerous small businesses on Mercer Street despite the challenges facing them is being reciprocated by a number of said businesses through the “Small Town Tuesdays” program.

Lori McKinney of the RiffRaff Arts Collective,coordinator of the program, said Tuesday,”Several Mercer Street businesses came together and came up with the idea. Many of their customers liked shopping in their businesses but had to work until 5 p.m. The businesses decided to open to 8 p.m.every Tuesday until Christmas to offer their customers more shopping time.”

She added that support for local small businesses has been growing.

“The community has really been supportive and we’re really appreciative of that,”she said.

Among the participating businesses are The Hatter’s Bookshop and the Holler Gallery.

Tammy Dodson, owner of the Hatter’s, said, “We found that the community has positively responded to it. It’s a great opportunity to give the community hours to shop which better fit their schedules.”

Richard Shrewsbury, director of the Holler Gallery, added,”I’ve seen more traffic at the gallery since it started last week.”

Other currently participating businesses include: The Classy Closet; Associated Photography; Diamonds &Gold Look; RiffRaff Art Boutique; Oasis market; The Bronze Look; Hillbilly Cycle; Danny’s Bar&Grill; Tony’s Barbershop; Appalachian Coffee House; WuFu Tattoos; Hammer &Stain; Artistic Adventures; Simply Beautiful Salon; and OhLaLa Family Salon.

For more information, contact Lori McKinney at 304-320-8833 or at

Jeff Harvey is a freelance reporter and columnist for the Princeton Times. Contact him at

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