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After much preparation and hype, the Blue Ridge Bee Company has opened its doors in Princeton. Honey from the hives of the owners, Will and Emily Lambert, as well as specialty honeys from other hives, beekeeping tools and equipment, local meats, breads, and produce, as well as unique gifts at the location. Classes on beekeeping and information on the importance of bee conservation and dangers to bee communities will also be available.

PRINCETON — After much preparation and buzz, Blue Ridge Bee Company has opened its doors.

Residents have watched the store go through much work prior to opening piquing the interest of all passers by. After the stone facade and metal crafted sign went up guests were eager to see all the store had to offer.

“We’re just really excited to finally have the community a part of what we’re doing here,” owner Will Lambert, said.

After becoming familiar with bee keeping Will and his wife Emily considered opening a business to offer their products to the community. Not only does the couple seek to provide their goods but they’re also focused on raising the awareness of bee conservation.

The couple are dedicated to teaching others about the challenges bees face such as pesticides and parasites, like the varroa mite. Rather than relying on the intense chemicals that are typically used, and in turn harm the bees rather than help, the Lambert’s created a vaporizer of their own.

According to the Blue Ridge Bee Company website this vaporizer will aid in preventing the destructive habits of varroa mites.

Products that the store carries include honey harvested from their own hives, and other locally made products such as milk, cheese, meat, and bread. Honey that Will and Emily have for sale range from pastel clover honey to ebony orange blossom honey.

Aside from edible goods the store also carries bee keeping supplies, Blue Ridge Bee Company apparel, hand crafted cutting boards, hand made soap, bee items for children, and many more.

Those interested in visiting the store can do so from 10 to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 to 6 p.m. on Saturday. For more information visit them on Facebook at @blueridgebeeco or on their website at

From local produce to friendly faces the Lamberts offer a one of a kind home grown shopping experience at the Blue Ridge Bee Company.

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