Warm weather fun

Michaela Petrulis enjoys the warm weather while she searches for buried riches around the Buck House in Bramwell Sunday.

BLUEFIELD — Area residents can expect warm weather to continue into the New Year.

According to Dave Wert, Meteorologist in charge at the National Weather Service in Blacksburg, Va., the warmer temperatures experienced during the holiday season this year were not that uncommon.

“Your normal values In Bluefield right now, the high is 42 degrees and low is 27 degrees,” Wert said. “You are not that far away from where you would normally expect to be this time of year.”

However, the area will experience a quick cold snap on Sunday. Wert said that rain will arrive in the Bluefield area on Thursday and once that weather system passes, it will make way for colder temperatures.

“Our winds will turn to the south and pull up that moisture from the Gulf of Mexico,” Wert said. “Once that system goes to the north, the winds switch around the north and northwest. That cold front will be coming right around daybreak on Saturday.”

The temperature will “ease” down on Saturday, rather than fall. The snow shower should begin on Sunday. Wert said the snow would not accumulate much, due to warm temperatures before the snow showers.

“You will get some of that white stuff that you are used to seeing this time of year,” Wert said. “The Bluefield area will get flurries, snow showers and some gradual accumulation. Nothing that is going to snarl traffic, just a reminder that we are in winter and not summer.”

In Bluefield, Wert said residents should expect about one or two inches of snow, while some higher peaks will get a few more inches. After this short snow shower, Wert expects temperatures to stay warm until at least mid-January.

“You will go back to being normal and even at times below normal on the backside of that cold front,” Wert said. “That does not look like it is going to be a long-lived cold either. All the other cold is locked up into Canada and there is no indication that it will be pushed down. It is quite possible that we will get to mid-January before we can lock the cold air in if not after.”

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