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PRINCETON — According to the fifth annual study of “Best Places to Retire” by SmartAsset, Princeton has been named as the best city in West Virginia to retire.

The organization, SmartAsset, is a technology company that specializes in advising. Of their advising, the annual study studies cities by their tax rates, medical facility opportunities, and the senior citizen social scene.

“Overall we have a relatively low crime rate and adequate services for the senior population,” Mercer County Commissioner, Greg Puckett, said. 

The top ten cities, from one to ten, are Princeton, Hurricane, Bridgeport, Buckhannon, Beckley, South Charleston, Oak Hill, Wheeling, Elkins, and Grafton.

Of their study findings, SmartAsset found that per thousand people, Princeton has 2.7 recreational centers and a 24.1 percentage of the population are seniors. Also in the study, it was found that per thousand people Princeton has 8.7 doctor’s offices.

Of the company’s retirement index Princeton is named 34.19 on the list.

As for the percentage of taxes, Princeton also ranks best on the list with a percentage of 17.8 percent. The taxes analyzed include income and sales taxes and are based on an annual income of $35,000.

“We have businesses that are very acceptive of senior employment. We have great transportation as well with the Bluefield Area Transit system,” Puckett said.

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