Sheena Johnson

PRINCETON — Princeton Public Library has welcomed a new library director.

Sheena Johnson, of Dublin, Va., has eagerly filled the chief position. Having been in the role since February, Johnson is slowly but surely becoming familiar with the area.

Johnson, who still lives in Dublin, didn’t originally plan on filling a position such as this.

“Directorship wasn’t something I was planning to do,” Johnson said, “It just fell into place.”

Having studies cataloging, literary, library science, and receiving her masters, Johnson comes bearing qualifications.

According to Johnson, as she searched for career opportunities, she, “Wanted to think outside of the box.” This search, lead her to Princeton.

As she entered Princeton for the first time, Johnson said she was floored by how “Vibrant Mercer street was.” The murals, especially the literary mural by the library, took her breath away. Prior to her first interview at the library, Johnson said she even stopped to take photos of this mural in particular.

As for what she thinks is most important, Johnson believes that libraries are a pivotal point in education. “Education is very important. Access to literature for any information resources is vital for expanding your mind.”

Johnson also believes that libraries are great resources for educating children at a young age. With a multitude of genres, children can explore all types of literature and exercise their literacy.

“It’s also very cost efficient and economic to use the library,” Johnson said. With services such as books, internet, and movies, the library is a treasure trove of knowledge and entertainment.

Upcoming to the library, a summer reading and activity program will welcome people of all ages to explore the world of literature. Two separate reading lists, for children and adults, can be found at the library or online at Raffle prizes will also be available to adults who enter the reading list. Prizes include various gift cards and opportunities for local businesses.

The program, entitled, “A Universe of Stories,” is technology and space themed. Aside from the reading lists, maker-spaces will be set up to expose the children to technology and various types of literature.

For the children, IT, or information technology, professionals will speak with the youth, according to Johnson. Also during this program children and adults alike will be introduced to, “Different ways to go about reading,” Johnson said.

“Some people aren’t readers,” Johnson said, “A lot of patrons lead toward films.” To accommodate patrons such as these, the library will also offer film showings.

To view the full calendar of events for the program, lasting through June and July, visit the aforementioned website.

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