No Shave for the Brave

Partnering with Child Protect of Mercer County, officers with the Princeton Police Department are taking part in the ‘No Shave for the Brave’ event in support of children’s protection. The event is open to any individual or group. 

PRINCETON — The Princeton Police Department is forgoing shaving for the entire month of November in support of children’s protection.

Partnering with Child Protect of Mercer County, officers interested have the opportunity to join the 3rd annual “No Shave for the Brave” event. To participate the officers must first pay the $25 entry fee and turn away from all razors for 30 days.

“Many of our officers are going to participate because it’s for a good cause. All the proceeds go to Child Protect,” Princeton Police Chief T.A. Gray said.

Having participated in this event all three years the officers are looking forward to letting their facial hair grow. The month-long show of support will also give them a break in their expected clean-shaven appearance.

“It allows them to do something they’re normally not able to do in their profession while also showing support of child abuse victims in Mercer County. We partner with law enforcement regularly. We assist them in their investigations in criminal child abuse cases so it’s a way of us just coming together to show some support to the kids who are served through Child Protect,” Child Protect Executive Director Shiloh Woodard, said.

Though many officers have participated in previous years this will be a first for some. Along with showing support and giving their skin a break the officers are also looking forward to the friendly competition of growing a beard.

“We do it to help Child Protect out. They’re great for us, we’d be lost without them when it comes to forensic interviews and interviewing children. They just have some assets that we don’t have access to,” Sgt. J.L. Faris, of the Princeton Police Department said.

As for who will grow the most impressive beard and who can last the month without shaving only time will tell.

No Shave for the Brave is open to participation from all individuals and groups. For more information on how to register contact Child Protect of Mercer County at 304-425-2710.

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