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PRINCETON — Officers with the Princeton City Police Department have made several large drug busts within a month’s time.

On February 12, on two separate busts, and March 8, officers have recovered large amounts of illegal substances. According to Princeton City Police Chief T.A. Gray, this is excellent work to ensure the streets are kept clean of drugs.

“We want the community to know that we’re out here and we’re trying. We’re trying to make a dent in it. There are some very upset drug dealers out here because we’ve taken their profit. If they don’t like that then I suggest they move to another part of the state,” Gray said.

Patrolman J.E. Carroll, who’s been involved in all three of the aforementioned busts, is proud to be able to ensure the community’s safety.

“We know that drugs are an issue in our community and drug traffic is awful here. We’re out here every day trying our best to curb drug trafficking and get these dealers off the street,” Carroll said.

During the March 8 bust, Carroll conducted a traffic stop near High Street when he was informed by the driver, Aubrey L. Gore, 40, of Princeton, that he was “dirty.” From there Carroll ordered him to exit the vehicle but the suspect then fled on foot.

This led to a foot pursuit between Carroll and Gore which lead behind a home on Cook Street. Gore then attempted to return to his vehicle at which point Carroll apprehended him.

“At that point, he said he pitched dope behind the house. We went behind the house and he showed me on the porch steps a bag that contained four large bags of meth, crack cocaine and powder cocaine,” Carroll said.

The amounts totaled to 48 grams of meth, 56 grams of crack and 25 grams of cocaine, according to Carroll.

“That’s over $11,000 worth in the street value of the drugs itself. He also had $1,728 in U.S. currency in his pocket at the time that I arrested him,” Carroll said.

According to Carroll, Gore was on parole for charges of selling drugs at the time he was apprehended. Gore was charged with possession with intent schedule II cocaine, possession with intent schedule II narcotic crack cocaine and possession with intent schedule II methamphetamine.

These three charges are all felonies, Carroll said, these felonies could result in up to a 15-year sentence.

During the first February 12 apprehension, Carroll was informed of a subject, Kevin Wayne Brinkley, 34, of Bluefield, W. Va., that was not complying in the area of New People’s Bank. During this encounter, Carroll and other officers attempted to take Brinkley into custody to which Carroll had to go hands-on with him.

Carroll later discovered a large amount of meth on Brinkley’s person as well as other controlled substances. These substances included a substance believed to be methamphetamine, one schedule IV Lorazepam, one schedule II Dilaudid, five schedule IV clonazepam, six schedule IV Alprazolam, one Buprenorphine, a Suboxone strip, a digital scale and three cell phones.

Later that evening Carroll and Sgt. C.C. Butler were searching the area for a burglary suspect when they encountered two suspicious suspects near the Budget Inn. Butler and Carroll then entered a motel room where they discovered a large number of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Within the room, officers found 45 grams of methamphetamine, a small bag of heroin, several schedule II pills, suboxone, many hypodermic needles and scales. This resulted in the arrest of two, Tina Mullins and David Crockett.

According to a previous interview with the Daily Telegraph, Butler said that both Mullins and Crockett were facing charges of possession with intent and obstruction. The obstruction charge was due to the two not providing officers correct information when initially asked.

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