Princeton Police blotter...

June 10

DRIVING REVOKED FOR DUI 2ND OFFENSE: Detective S.M. Severt where he observed a Jerry Thompson, 56 of Princeton, driving westbound on Thorn Street. Severt knew that Thompson was driving with a revoked license due to previous incidents while he was driving the same vehicle. Mercer 911 informed that Thompson’s license was still revoked for DUI and had a previous conviction of driving revoked on 7-23-18. A warrant was issued for Thompson.

June 12

DRIVING REVOKED FOR DUI 2ND OFFENSE: Detective S.M. Severt was patrolling the area of Brick Street when he observed the aforementioned Jerry Thompson, 56, of Princeton, begin to drive a white Ford Explorer. Severt knew that Thompson’s license was revoked for DUI. Severt observed as Thompson then drove onto Stafford Drive where he then initiated a traffic stop. At that time Thompson was placed under arrest. Thompson’s license has been revoked since his conviction of DUI on 10-06-1993 with a previous conviction of driving revoked on 7-23-2018. Two females were also in the vehicle. They both informed Severt that there was nothing in the vehicle. When asked if the vehicle could be searched the owner replied yes to which Ptlm. R.S. Dyson searched the contents. After searching the vehicle prescriptions of Oxycodone HCL and Lyrica, belonging to one of the female passengers was found. Having recently been filled the contents of the Lyrica bottle should have been 21 pills but it was empty. Due to recent issues with Thompson dealing in the prescription drug trade, this was added to the investigation. Within Thompson’s wallet were two strips of Suboxone without a prescription.

June 16

DISORDERLY CONDUCT, RESISTING AN OFFICER: Officers Ptlm. Angle and Ptlm. J.D. Shrewsbury responded to a call of an altercation in progress on Mercer Street. Upon arrival, Shrewsbury observed a male pushing security staff from the bar they were in front of. Upon making contact with the subject, Shrewsbury detected a strong smell of alcohol. After instructing him to calm down and tell him what happened, the subject, Gary Robertson, 46, of Lindside, W. Va., became irate once more. Shrewsbury again advised Robertson to calm down to which he became more irate. Robertson was then placed under arrest.

June 17

SIMPLE POSSESSION: Ptlm. W.W. McGuire was patrolling the area of Beckley Road when he observed a red Chevrolet Cobalt with an expired registration decal. McGuire then turned on his emergency lights and performed a U-turn but was unable to locate the vehicle. He then radioed the other officers to inform them. While in search of the vehicle McGuire inquired with two female subjects and a child, who were walking on the road if they had seen the vehicle. They informed that they had and that it had almost hit them while traveling at a high speed. McGuire then was advised by a male sitting on his porch that he had witnessed a red car almost lose control while driving. McGuire then located the vehicle in a private drive with the driver, Paul Hoston Jr., 28, of Bluefield, W. Va. standing outside. Hoston advised that he fled because he had marijuana in the vehicle. Upon searching McGuire found four grams of a green leafy substance. After then searching Hoston’s person, $690 in U.S. Currency was found. Once at the PPD Hoston was informed that the currency would be seized as the closeness to illegal drugs as well as his admission to using it to purchase illegal narcotics. Hoston then said he would forfeit the currency.

SIMPLE POSSESSION, DRUG PARAPHERNALIA: Ptlm. W.W. McGuire observed a red Chevrolet Silverado with no display of a W. Va. inspection sticker. After initiating a traffic stop, McGuire made contact with the driver, Kevin D. Bailey, 47, of Rock, W. Va. Bailey then informed McGuire that he needed body work done to his vehicle and that he had been in need of a sticker for some time. McGuire observed two butane torches on the dash of the vehicle that is commonly used with narcotics such as Crystal Meth. When asked if he would agree to a search of the vehicle, Bailey said he didn’t mind. After stepping out of the vehicle Bailey informed that he had a bowl and meth in his pocket. McGuire found a glass smoking pipe and a container of several crystals constant with meth. After searching the vehicle, McGuire found 19.1 grams of meth and other paraphernalia. $244.45 of U.S. currency was also found. Bailey chose to forfeit the currency was informed that it would be seized for investigation.

June 20

FLEEING ON FOOT, ENTERING WITHOUT BREAKING, DRIVING SUSPENDED, NO SEATBELT: Ptlm. W.W. McGuire observed a gold Jeep with the driver not wearing a seat belt. After initiating a traffic stop, the driver pulled over and began fleeing on foot. The female passenger then stepped out of the vehicle and complied with officer orders. While searching for the subject McGuire contacted Mercer 911 and requests back up as well as a K9 unit. McGuire then spotted the subject, James Price, 30, of Bluefield, W. Va., approximately 100 yards away down a hill. While chasing Price, McGuire ordered him to stop to which he continued to flee. As McGuire got closer Price jumped a fence and entered a mobile home park with McGuire roughly 50 yards behind. McGuire then followed Price into the park and took him into custody. Price advised that he was on parole through the state of W. Va.

June 25

DRIVING REVOKED FOR DUI 1ST: Ptlm. W.W. McGuire observed a red Hyundai Elantra traveling South Bound on Low Gap Road with a defective left rear fender. McGuire initiated a traffic stop and made contact with the driver, Michael Mallory, 32, of Bastian, Va. Mallory advised that his license was revoked through the state of Va. for a DUI in 2014. Mercer 911 confirmed that his license was revoked with a conviction of 2-15-2014. Mallory was then placed under arrest.

PETIT LARCENY, FELON IN POSSESSION OF A FIREARM, RECEIVING OR TRANSFERRING STOLEN PROPERTY: Ptlm. J.E. Carroll responded to a call of a possible altercation in the area of Washington Avenue. Once on scene, Carroll made contact with Gary Everett Keesee, 39, of Huntington, W. Va., who had a towel covered in blood on his head. Keesee stated that an unknown male arrived on a bicycle and stabbed him twice. Carroll observed a stab wound on his left arm and upper back as well as a large cut on the back of his head. Carroll then requested EMS to respond to which Keesee refused treatment. Later the same day Carroll responded to Keesee bleeding heavily on a resident porch and in need of medical assistance. Keesee was transported to Princeton Community Hospital for treatment. Carroll was dispatched to PCH that same day in reference to Keesee stealing various medical instruments after discharge from the hospital. After making contact with Keesee on North Walker Street he observed him to be carrying a large plastic bag with medical supplies inside. Carroll also observed a Ruger 9mm in the back as well. Keesee was transported to PPD for processing. Sgt. E.C. Dunn returned the items to the hospital where he was informed that it was valued at $368.97. Carroll then discovered that Keesee was a convicted felon for an attempt to commit a felony on 7-14-10. The gun in Keesee’s possession was registered as stolen through NCIC.

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