Princeton Police blotter...

June 26

FAILURE TO DIM LIGHTS, FAILURE TO YIELD TO EMERGENCY VEHICLE, POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA, DRIVING REVOKED FOR DUI 3RD OFFENSE: Ptlm. R.S. Dyson and Ptlm. J.E. Carroll was patrolling in the area of Valley Street in Princeton when they observed a tan Chevrolet Malibu fail to dim its lights as they passed. Dyson then immediately turned to follow the vehicle and turned on the blue lights. The malibu then failed to stop for the officers and fled at a high speed. The malibu was traveling 60 in a 25 posted area. The vehicle continued at t high rate of speed and failed to stop at a stop sign. After finally stopping, Dyson commanded the driver to exit the vehicle and put his hands in the air. After asking the driver to step backward to the vehicle, Dyson had Ptlm. J.E. Carrol cover while the driver was placed in hand cuffs. The driver was identified as Richard Thompson, 51, of Princeton. Thompson advised that he had purchased some marijuana and that it was in his pants pocket. Dyson recovered the marijuana and was advised that there was a glass pipe in his vehicle for smoking marijuana. Mercer 911 advised that Thompson’s license was revoked for DUI with two cases of driving revoked on 2-1-2001 and 8-3-2007.

June 27

FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE: After responding to dispatch of officers to Sheets, Ptlm. R.S. Dyson spoke with the individuals on the scene and discover, by way of Mercer 911, that Rodolfo Delariva, 30, of Tazewell, Va., was wanted in Tazewell. Delariva was wanted for distribution of Buprenorphine. He was then taken to the Princeton Police Department for processing.

ASSAULT ON OFFICER, OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER, DISORDERLY CONDUCT: While fueling his cruiser, Ptlm. J.E. Carroll observed a male walking across the street and cursing at him. After commanding the male to stop yelling and step out of the street, he refused. After again commanding him to stop walking and that he was under arrest, his male continued walking. Carroll then chased after the male and ordered him to place his hands behind his back to which he then complied. The male then began pulling away from the Carroll as he attempted to handcuff him. Carroll then took the man to the ground and placed him in handcuffs. The male was identified as Carl Gilbert West Jr., 33, of Camp Creek. He was then taken to the police department for processing.

DRIVING REVOKED FOR DUI 3RD, OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER, NO INSURANCE, NO MVI: While patrolling Ptlm. W.W. McGuire observed a white Ford Expedition traveling on Thorn Street with what appeared to be a fraudulent motor vehicle inspection sticker. As he attempted to initiate a traffic stop, the vehicle sped up so fast that McGuire lost sight of them. After making contact with several individuals in the area McGuire found the probable identities of the driver and contacted Mercer 911 for the address. After obtaining the address McGuire spotted the vehicle in a driveway of a different residence. The residence appeared abandoned. After finding the vehicle McGuire spotted that the plate had been removed and the hood was open. After clearing the home McGuire found the two subjects upstairs in a bedroom. They both denied having driven the vehicle that day. After the two stated that a third party had driven the vehicle, McGuire made contact with the third party. She stated that she was ready to come clean and that she had taken over driving the vehicle after the two subjects had driven her to the store. The male, Steven Church, 31, of Princeton, instructed the first female to get behind the wheel as he had a revoked for DUI, she did so. While driving Church had demanded that she speed up and flee. The male then switched seats with the first female, Tonya Church, 37, of Princeton and they dropped the third party off. It was also advised that Tonya had a warrant through Princeton Municipal.

June 28

DUI 1ST OFFENSE, DRIVING SUSPENDED 3RD OFFENSE, SIMPLE POSSESSION TO-WIT DIAZEPAM: While patrolling Sgt. C. Butler observed an Eclipse Spyder swerve into the wrong lane of traffic before swerving back. Butler then observed the vehicle to stop in the lane of travel while the female sat with her eye closed and brushed her hair. She, identified as Angela Allen, 37, of Clarksburg, accelerated when she saw that traffic had continued on. After initiating a traffic stop, Butler observed Allen to nearly miss an oncoming vehicle in the opposite lane. Upon making contact Butler observed a strong smell of alcohol and slurred speech coming from Allen. In the cupholder was a half full can of Natural light beer and in the floor board was an empty bottle of Burnett’s Vodka. When asked Allen replied that she had only consumed a mixed drink her Diazepam (Klonopin). After agreeing to a field sobriety test Allen failed to show smooth movements. She agreed to a breath test to which she showed a BAC of .109. She was then placed under arrest. Butler found in her purse a used syringe and a burnt smoking pipe. Once at the department, a bulge in her short’s leg was seen and she was asked to remove it. A pill bottle with the label removed was taken out that contained Diazepam. Also found in her shorts was $180 of U.S. currency in small bills. Allen also had two prior conviction for driving suspended on 2-6-19 and 12-13-18.

July 1

SIMPLE POSSESSION TO-WIT NGEUTONTIN, SHOPLIFTING: After receiving a call from Kroger pharmacy Sgt. C. Butler responded to a female subject that was looking into vehicles. On the scene, Butler observed the woman, Chasity Belcher, 24, of Princeton, to be pushing a cart through the parking lot. She then advised that she hadn’t taken anything. Butler was informed that she had been throwing things behind the red box machine. Behind the machine, Butler located $33 worth of merchandise behind the machine. In her purse, Butler located a plastic bag with approximately 30 Neurontin inside. Belcher was then placed under arrest.

July 2

WANTON ENDANGERMENT WITH A FIREARM, UNLAWFUL POSSESSION OF A FIREARM, FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE:Ptlm. J.D. Shrewsbury and Ptlm. R.S. Dyson responded to a call in reference to a male refusing to leave a house and threatening the home owner with a firearm. Dyson observed the male, Jakota Thomspon, 21, of Princeton, to have the firearm tucked into his waistband. Dyson then secured the firearm and was informed by Jakota that he was there to obtain his personal items after having been kicked out. Dyson was informed that Jakota had brandished the firearm threatening to kill one of the residents. Dyson was informed that Jakota had active warrants through Montgomery County, Va and an active domestic violence petition in the state of Va. Jakota is not permitted to own a firearm because of this. He was then placed under arrest and taken for processing. 

July 3

SIMPLE POSSESSION - COCAINE: Ptlm. J.E. Carroll stopped Zackary Austin Harmon, 24, of Princeton, for driving with a revoked license. After stepping out of the vehicle to be searched, a foreign object was found between Harmon’s leg. When asked what it was he advised it was nothing. Harmon was then placed under arrest and searched him where he found $351 in U.S. Currency in Harmon’s pocket. Carroll did not search Harmon’s pants area at this time. Harmon was then taken to the Police Department and asked to strip his clothing. While searching the subject, Carroll observed a piece of grocery bag protruding from Harmon’s anal area. When asked what it was Harmon advised that it was cocaine.

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