Princeton Police Department

January 14

OBSTRUCTING FALSE INFORMATION, POSS. CONT. SCHEDULE II CONT. SUBS. (METH), DEFECTIVE EQUIPMENT, NO PROOF INSURANCE: Ptlm. J.E. Carroll conducted a traffic stop on a white Chevrolet Silverado with a defective headlight. The driver of the vehicle was identified as Paul Shannon Perkins, 26, of Pounding Mill, Va. When asked to provide the necessary information Perkins advised that he did not have a driver's license or a copy of his vehicle insurance. While providing his birth date he paused and stated that he was born in 1955, to which Carroll could see he was obviously not born during that year. When informed of the possible penalties for providing false information Perkins stated he was born in 1963. Carroll asked for his birth date one more time to which Perkins gave the date of 5-18-83. Perkins was then asked to step out of the vehicle for providing false information. Sgt. E.C. Nunn assisted in frisking the passenger and then deployed K9 unit Taz to do an open-air sniff around the vehicle. After Taz indicated toward the vehicle Ptlm. Angle arrived on the scene to assist Nunn with a vehicle search. Officers found a plastic container in the passenger’s purse containing a crystal-like substance appearing to be methamphetamine. After searching Perkins officers found three syringes on his person in his left jacket pocket that he stated to use to shoot up meth. They also found two additional plastic containers that were the same as the one found on the passenger. Perkins stated that the meth was his. Mercer 911 advised that his license was suspended and listed in NCIC for outstanding warrants through Tazewell County, Va. Perkins was then transported to the Princeton City Police Department for processing. Perkins’ license was actively suspended on 6-5-19 with a previous conviction of driving suspended on 7-24-17.

January 16

FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE, PROBATION VIOLATION FOR CONCEALMENT 3RD OFFENSE: Lt. J.D. Halsey was patrolling the area of Straley Ave. when he observed a male on a bicycle fitting the description of a person of interest. The male was identified as Jeremy Dixon, 41, of Princeton. Halsey was informed that Dixon was wanted fro the State of Virginia in Tazewell County as a fugitive. Dixon was taken into custody and transported to the Princeton City Police Department by Ptlm. Owens and Ptlm. B.L. Charente to be processed.

January 17

BREACH OF PEACE, WARRANT SERVICE: Ptlm. W.W. McGuire and other officers responded to the area of Hale Avenue in reference to a call of a male subject with an active felony warrant to be inside a residence. Officers attempted to make contact with the occupants of the residence to which a male wearing a blue hoodie fled out of the door of the apartment and through the nearby woods. Officers attempted to apprehend the male to which he began resisting and attempting to reach into his waistband. Officers took the male into custody and recovered a large black kitchen knife from his pants pocket. He was identified as Steven Champ, 26, of Rock. Champ was clear of any active warrants but due to his behavior Champ was placed under arrest for breach of peace and transported to the Princeton City Police Department for processing.

POSS. WITH INTENT TO DELIVER SCHED. IV CONT. SUBS.: Ptlm. R.S. Dyson responded to the area of Scott Street in reference to a single-vehicle crash. Once on scene, Dyson met Deputy M.T. Hatfield of the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department who was already on scene speaking with the driver of the vehicle. Dyson then made contact with the passenger, Chandler Dillow, 24, of Bluefield. Dyson observed Dillow to be reaching down in the floorboard and asked him to exit the vehicle for officer safety reasons. After exiting the vehicle Dyson observe a quantity of U.S. currency and two rectangular white pills fall from Dillow. Dyson then asked if Dillow had anything on his person that he should be worried about. Dillow advised that he had a few Xanax pills. Dyson then secured the Xanax and money and placed Dillow in his police cruiser. Deputy Hatfield then placed the driver under arrest for DUI while Dyson searched the vehicle after probable cause from Dillow’s possessions. Dyson also observed a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle as Dillow exited. Dyson then located a vacuum-sealed clear plastic bag with rectangular pills labeled Xanax on the front and two on the back along with a black scale and smoking device with burnt marijuana in a bowl. Dyson located an amount of marijuana “shake” located in the floorboard of the vehicle. Dyson noted that the illegal substances were located where Dillow was seated.

January 21

POSS. OF SCHEDULE II. CONT. SUBS. (METH): Ptlm. J.E. Carroll and other officers were attempting to locate a male subject in the are of Hale Avenue for W. Va. felony warrants against the subject. A white male, identified as Kevin Mills, 28, of Princeton, was observed on a bicycle. Carroll conducted a frisk to check for weapons and asked Mills to take off his hat. Carroll observed a small folded piece of cardboard hanging from the inside of the hat. Carroll observed a crystal-like substance in the cardboard believed to be methamphetamine. Mills was then placed under arrest and transported to the Princeton City Police Department for processing.

January 22

DRIVING REVOKED- DUI, RECEIVING OR TRANSFERRING STOLEN VEHICLE, BRING STOLEN PROPERTY INTO STATE >$1,000, CAPIAS: Ptlm. T.S. Wyatt and Ptlm. J.E. Carroll responded to the area of Hale Avenue in reference to a red Jeep liberty sitting in front of a residence. Officers made contact with the driver and identified him as Christopher Myers, 30, of Pembroke, Va. Mercer 911 advised that there were three ate e warrants for Myers. Mercer 911 also advised that the vehicle did not come back on their records. After running the vehicle’s serial number it was discovered that the vehicle had a confirmation hit in NCIC as a stolen vehicle out of Giles County, Va. Myers was placed under arrest and transported to Princeton City Police Department for processing. Wyatt was advised that Myers’ license was actively revoked for DUI on 11-20-2019. A secondary resident of Hale Avenue, identified as Tiffany Bennett, 43, of Lashmeet, was also arrested on a Circuit Court Capias after officers ran her information through Mercer 911 to check for warrants.

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