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Princeton police blotters

OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER AND RESISTING ARREST: Christina Rathburn, 25, of Bluefield was arrested Jan. 24 after the Princeton Police Department received a call about a threats complaint at Princeton Community Hospital. Patrolman A.S. Epperson and Patrolman W.W. McGuire responded.

Once on scene at the hospital the officers spoke to the caller who state that she had been speaking with a girl in the waiting room who said some black males were after her for drug money, according to Epperson’s report. The officers went to speak with security about the subject.

Once speaking with security the supposed victim, Christina Rathburn, had been in and out of the hospital all day long stating that someone was after her, according to the report. The officers had responded earlier on the same female that was fighting with security and not wishing to leave the premises. Once officers arrived that time she had fled. The officers then attempted to speak with Rathburn and commanded her once again to leave the hospital premises because the hospital did not wish he presence there due to other volatile incidents with her.

She then became irate with the officers, threatening and shouting obscenities toward the officers and the hospital security, Epperson said in the report.

The officers commanded her to remain calm and to leave the premises of which she then continued her loud, and threatening behavior hindering the officers. Epperson said he then told her she was under arrest and she then attempted to pull away and try to escape from the officers. This officer then placed her into handcuffs. She was transported to the Princeton Police Department where she was processed and later arraigned.


Kevin Brinkley, 33, of Bluefield was arrested Jan. 24 after Patrolman J.D. Shrewsbury and Sgt. E.C. Dunn responded to a call about a male subject requesting help outside of a liquor store along Beckley Road.

“Upon arrival we made contact with Kevin Brinkley, who advised that a man in a silver Ford Escape brandished a firearm at him,” Shrewsbury said in his report. “We had prior interaction in the evening with Brinkley regarding a dispute he was having with a female friend. Mr. Brinkley agreed to leave on foot to avoid further conflict. We checked the immediate area at Mr. Brinkely’s location and discovered no one else in the area. I then advised Mr. Brinkley to stick to the main roadway due to the area being residential. Brinkley then once again left on foot carrying two black trash bags with blue draw strings.”

While patrolling the main area Shrewsbury observed that Brinkley was not on any of the main roadways in the area in which he began traveling, according to the report Shrewsbury contacted Nunn. They did a saturation search and found the trash bags Brinkley had been carrying behind All Creatures Veterinary Clinic at West Main Street.

“We did not observe Mr. Brinkley anywhere near his belongings and thought this to be suspicious. Sgt. Nunn then deployed K9 Taz to attempt to to track Mr. Brinkley’s location,” Shrewsbury said. “We did not observe Mr. Brinkley anywhere near his belongings and thought this to be suspicious. Sgt. Nunn then deployed K9 Taz to attempt to to track Mr. Brinkley’s location.”

Taz led the officers to a backyard at 19818 W. Main Street. Brinkley not anywhere in view. The officers observed an outbuilding with the door open and a small apartment in the rear of the residence with the door open. Tax was led them to the back corner of the property near the fence line.

Brinkley stepped into view. stating “I’m right here you don’t have to get the dog,” according to the report.

Shrewsbury then utilized a straight-arm bar take down on Brinkley in an attempt to secure him due to officer safety and not known Brinkley’s intentions hiding in a dark portions the area where he should not be located, according to the report. Brinkley placed in handcuffs.

The officers spoke to homeowner, who said Brinkley should not be in the yard. Brinkley was charged with attempt to commit a felony, entering without breaking, as well as trespassing for being on property.

Brinkley complained a chest pain while being processed and was transported by Princeton Rescue Squad to Princeton Community Hospital. Once released, Brinkley became violent towards law enforcement not allowing Shrewsbury to secure him in handcuffs, according to the report. He began thrashing around attempting to get away. Brinkley struck Shrewsbury in the chest area and his left forearm. Brinkley was then charge with battery on a police officer.