Princeton Police Department blotter

September 19

OBSTRUCTING ON OFFICER: Ptlm. S.W. Owens responded in reference to a verbal altercation between two unwanted suspects on the complainant’s property. Once on the scene Lt. E.T. Pugh identified the two suspects by the complainant pointing them out. One of the suspects then fled on foot while the other complied with officer orders to sit down. The suspect refused to answer the officer’s questions and was then placed under arrest for obstructing. Once at the police department, she stated that her last name was Martinez, which ended up being false. When asked what her name and birth date was again she responded that her first name was Haley, which was false, and that her middle name was Rebecca, which was false. She also provided a false birth date. After running her information through ID scan through LiveScan the female was identified as Hillary Nicole Martin, 23, of Princeton. Martin again lied and stated that she was from Va., which she is not.

September 21

FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE x2: Ptlm. R.S. Dyson observed a white Pontiac G6 with a defective tag light. Dyson then initiated a traffic stop and identified the driver as Garett Beavers, 36, of Brandy, Va. Mercer 911 advised that Beavers was wanted in the state of Va. Beavers was placed under arrest.

September 22

CAUSING BODILY INJURY TO EMS PERSONNEL, CAPIAS: Detective S.M. Severt and other officers were dispatched in reference to a female that was distraught and screaming, from Merer 911. Officers then made contact with the woman, who stated she was sick and that her name was Danielle Mathena, 40, of Princeton. Mathena stated that people were messing with the back of her neck. Mathena was observed to have dilated pupils and acting paranoid while speaking with officers. It appeared that she was on some type of substance to cause her behavior. Mathena stated she wanted medical attention to which EMS personnel and the Princeton Rescue Squad transported her to the Princeton Community Hosptial. Due to her odd behavior, Severt followed the ambulance to the hospital to hospital staff safety. While en route to the hospital the ambulance stopped due to Mathena becoming combative with EMS personnel. Mathena had struck one of the workers of the ambulance with an open hand to the chest. Mathena then attempted to flee the ambulance. Mathena was then placed in handcuffs and placed under arrest. Mercer 911 advised that Mathena had a capias through Mercer County Magistrate Court.

 September 24

SIMPLE POSSESSION (meth): Officers responded to a call in reference to a male threatening the caller with a gun. Once on the scene, the officers attempted to locate the firearm that the subject had thrown down in the area. Mitchell Brooks, 25, of Princeton, arrived on the scene and advised that he was there because he was with a resident on the scene and recognized the backpack. Officers J.E. Carroll and B.L. Charette were advised that a male suspect through an unknown amount of crystal methamphetamine into the bushes. Due to Brooks being in the area while officers were searching for a firearm with an amount of crystal methamphetamine also in the area, Brooks was subject to search. On Brooks’ person, officers located several hypodermic needles and a clear powder substance wrapped in a plastic bag in his front left pocket. Brooks was placed under arrest for possession of a controlled substance and transported.

WANTON ENDANGERMENT INVOLVING A FIREARM, POSSESSION OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE, PROHIBITED PERSONS IN POSSESSION OF FIREARM: Ptlm. W.W. McGuire responded in reference to a call of a white male threatening the complainant with a firearm. Mercer 911 advised that the suspect was described as a white male in a white shirt and a ball cap. Once on the scene, McGuire observed a male matching this description standing on the right side of the road. McGuire observed him have his hand in the right pocket of his shorts. McGuire then took a sight picture in the center mass region of the accused with his department approved 12 gauge shotgun. He then gave clear orders to slowly remove his hand from his pocket and lay face down on the ground. He was then placed under arrest for further investigation by Ptlm. R.S. Dyson. The suspect, Bobby Trent, 35, of Princeton, was searched before being placed in the patrol vehicle. The search yielded a small plastic bag with a chewing gum container, with approximately 1 gram of a white crystalline substance consistent with methamphetamine. Trent was then placed in the back of the patrol vehicle. McGuire was advised by the complainant that the suspect had pulled a firearm on him before throwing it into the bushes. The firearm appeared sanded down with no serial numbers on it. The firearm was fully loaded. Mercer 911 advised that Trent was a convicted felon with a charge of grand larceny on 6-10-2001 showing a disposition of convicted.

September 25

DRIVING REVOKED FOR DUI 3rd: Ptlm. W.W. McGuire observed a green Toyota truck with a defective headlight. McGuire then conducted a traffic stop with the aforementioned vehicle and then made contact with the driver, Joseph Lane, 53, of Princeton, who advised his license was in revoked status through the state of W. Va. Through DMV files, Mercer 911 advised that Lane had three separate occasions of DUI on 7-18-15, 3-14-15, and 9-26-17. Lane was then placed under arrest.

September 27

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: Ptlm. W.W, McGuire responded to a request from Princeton Fire Department to assist with a male they had detained in reference to a violation of tampering with a fire system. McGuire spoke with the fire captain who advised that fire department employees responded to sprinkler activation. Fire units then began canvassing the building attempting to locate the source of the fire. Fire units determined that there was no fire and the sprinklers hadn’t been activated but they were leaking on the third floor. The sprinkler main had been broken free from the line causing water to flow freely at hundreds of gallons per minute. Fire units located a white male that was confused and stated they did not live in the building and couldn’t state how he had come there. Fire units detained him based on his suspicious involvement. McGuire and Sgt. R.S. Gibson spoke with the male in question, Randall Browning, 41, of Princeton. He stated he was chased into the building by up to 15 masked men in all black talking on radios. He also stated he had taken safety in the laundry room when he broke the sprinkler head as a distraction as the men were coming “through the laundry shoot on him.” McGuire identified his behavior to be consistent with methamphetamine use. 25 individuals were displaced from their homes due to the incident. The fire system of the building had been short-circuited and was completely disabled. THough no definite dollar amount was given for repairs it is estimated at 50 thousand dollars. Once at the Princeton City Police Department Browning complained of seizures and stated he wished to go to the hospital. Browning was transported to the Princeton Community Hosptial by Ptlm. A.S. Epperson where Browning was admitted. Browning was then transported to Bluefield PD for holding before being transported back to Princeton PD.

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