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October 2

PROHIBITED PERSON IN POSSESSION OF A FIREARM: Ptlm. W.W. McGuire observed a red Chevrolet pick up truck exceeding the posted speed limit of 30 mph in the area of Thornton Avenue. McGuire utilized his mobile stalker radar unit to verify that the driver was traveling 38 mph. McGuire then initiated a traffic stop. The driver, Brandon Farley, 34, of Princeton, retrieved his information from the center console where McGuire observed a silver automatic handgun. McGuire then drew his department-issued service weapon where he instructed clear commands for Farley to “show his hands” and “do not touch the gun.” Farley then grabbed the firearm and started moving in the direction of McGuire. McGuire again commanded that Farley “drop the gun” to which he placed the gun between his legs. When asked to step out of his vehicle Farley complied. Mercer 911 advised that Farley didn’t have any felony convictions, domestic battery, or assault, but he was recognized by McGuire for habitual use of a controlled substance for a period of two years. After searching the vehicle a prescription of Suboxone Strips was found labeled to Farley.

October 6

RECEIVING/TRANSFERRIN STOLEN VEHICLE, ESCAPING, SIMPLE POSSESSION, NO OPERATORS: Ptlm. J.E. Carroll and Ptlm. B.L. Charente observed a  silver Ford F-250 with a passenger not wearing a seatbelt in the area of Stafford Drive. A traffic stop was then initiated where the driver informed officers that he did not have a driver’s license. The driver identified himself as Joshua Long, 30, of Beckley. Mercer 911 advised officers that Long had an active failure to appear warrant out of Princeton City Police Department as well as a history of no license. Long was then placed under arrest. When asked if he had anything on his person that officers needed to be aware of, he stated he had some needles in his pocket. After searching his person officers found the needles and a small bag tied to his waistband containing a small amount of methamphetamine. The vehicle was also then searched where officers were advised that the tag on the truck was not registered to anything. Mercer 911 advised that the truck was reported stolen through the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office. In the vehicle were several items reported as stolen. Prior to the vehicle search Long was placed in the back of the patrol cruiser where he then rolled the window down and opened his door while cuffed. Long started running through a field. Long was apprehended and taken back to the department. Long then confessed to stealing the truck in the area of Pike View High School, on a previous date.

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