Princeton Police blotter...

Feb. 28

DRIVING SUSPENDED, FLEEING ON FOOT, SIMPLE POSSESSION, LITTERING: Sgt. C. Butler and Ptlm. A. Epperson were patrolling the area of Rogers Street in Princeton when Butler observed a maroon Ford Taurus with West Virginia registration that lacked an inspection sticker. Butler observed that the driver was a female subject and the passenger was a male subject. Butler attempted to perform a traffic stop on the vehicle on Locust Street when, upon stopping, the male subject fled the vehicle on foot. The subject was identified as Charles Perry, 24, of Bluefield, WV. Epperson pursued Pery and apprehended him on Saunders Ave. Officers pursued the driver, Barbara Holt, 33, of Princeton, who had fled on foot as well. Holt was apprehended in an alleyway behind the Liberty gas station where the keys to the vehicle were also found. Holt first denied being in the vehicle but later admitted she fled because she had a meeting at the DHHR that she couldn’t miss. Mercer 911 informed officers that Holt’s license was suspended through WV for unpaid citations. Holt was placed under arrest for fleeing on foot and driving suspended and issued several citations due to the car not being legal. Epperson pursued Perry and observed him throw a small plastic baggy on the ground containing a green leafy substance. Perry was placed under arrest for fleeing on foot, simple possession, and littering. Mercer 911 advised officers that Perry had warrants in mercer County for failure to appear.

March 1

DUI, FLEEING DUI, RESISTING ARREST, POSSESSION WITH INTENT TO DELIVER SCHEDULE I, FLEEING ON FOOT, POSSESSION WITH INTENT TO DELIVER SCHEDULE II, POSSESSION WITH INTENT TO DELIVER SCHEDULE III, POSSESSION WITH INTENT TO DELIVER SCHEDULE IV, POSSESSION WITH INTENT TO DELIVER SCHEDULE V, DRIVING REVOKED FOR DUI: Ptlm. A. Epperson responded to a complaint that subject, Jerry Thompson, 57, of Princeton, was harassing another individual at the Grants Supermarket at the Athens Crossroads. Epperson observed Thompson driving the opposite direction on Brick Street toward Stafford. As Epperson tried to perform a traffic stop Thompson sped up in speed toward the laundry mat on Stafford Drive, Thompson then exited the vehicle and began to flee on foot toward the building. Epperson apprehended him at the front of the building and attempted to place him in cuffs. Thompson became combative and tried to pull away. Finally, Epperson placed him in cuffs and transported him to the Princeton Police Department. Epperson observed he smelled marijuana on Thompson and that there as a pill bottle falling out of his pocket. Epperson searched Thompsons’ person and found a yellow pill bottle containing 52 peach colored pills later identified as Alprazolam .5mg (these being a schedule IV controlled substance), a clear plastic baggy from his right topcoat pocket containing 47 white capsules later identified as Lyrica 150 mg (schedule V controlled substance), 11 suborn strips from his right pants pocket that were prepackaged as single strips for distribution (schedule III controlled substance), a clear plastic baggy taken from his right watch pocket containing 5 pink pills later identified oxycodone hydrochloride 10 mg (schedule II controlled substance), and a clear plastic baggy containing three smaller clear plastic bags containing green leafy substances believed at the time to be marijuana (schedule I controlled substance). Epperson found $61 of U.S. currency in small bills. The vehicle Thompson was driving had WV registration. Epperson observed Thompson’s eyes were bloodshot and watery and his pupils were constricted to a pinpoint. Thompson then openly admitted to having smoked marijuana prior to driving the vehicle. Epperson was unable to do a field sobriety test due to Thompson’s behavior. Thompson refused to consent to a blood test at Princeton Community Hospital. Thompon’s license was advised as revoked for DUI effective 8-20-18.

March 2

DUI 1ST OFFENSE, DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, NO INSURANCE, RECKLESS DRIVING: Sgt. C. Butler received a 911 call in reference to a single vehicle motor vehicle accident on Thorn Street in Princeton. The vehicle reportedly struck a power utility pole. When on scene Butler observed a gold Ford Taurus with Virginia registration resting on the sidewalk of Thorn Street against a power utility pole that was broken in half due to being struck. A large section of sidewalk was also damaged around the power pole valued at $1,000. Butler attempted to speak with the diver who was identified as Curtis Lynn Morgan, 56, of Peterstown, WV, but was unable to get him to respond due to his condition. Butler detected a faint odor of alcohol coming off of his person as Morgan had extremely slurred speech. Butler observed tire tracks suggesting that Morgan left the road at approximately 15 feet prior to hitting the pole, due to the amount of damage to his vehicle, power pole and sidewalk, Butler believes Morgan was driving faster than the posted speed limit of 35. Morgan was extracted from the vehicle by emergency personnel due to his injuries and was transported to Princeton Community Hospital. Butler was unable to locate any proof of insurance in the vehicle. There was no evidence of another vehicle being involved.

March 3

DRIVING REVOKED DUI 2ND, DRIVING SUSPENDED, NO INSURANCE: Officer J.E. Carroll performed a traffic stop on a blue Hyundai Sonata on Princeton Ave in Princeton with WV registration for improper display of registration having a tented license plate cover over the plate keeping Carroll from being able to read the plate. Carroll came into contact with the driver, Donald Joseph Farmer, 57, of Princeton. Farmer told Carroll when asked for insurance, that his license was suspended and there was no insurance on the vehicle. Mercer 911 told Carroll that Farmer’s license is revoked for DUI. Farmer was placed under arrest and transported to the Princeton City Police Department. The license is revoked for a DUI effective as of 12-4-17 and suspended for unpaid citations effective 6-21-18. Farmer received another citation for driving revoked DUI effective 11-13-17.

March 8

FUGITIVE, ESCAPE FROM INSTITUTIONS/OFFICERS: Officer S.W. Owens responded to the Princeton Community Hospital in reference to a Jerry Lovell, 22, of Princeton, being seen by the Emergency Room. Officers were notified that Lovell had an outstanding warrant in Tazewell County. Officers placed Lovell in custody upon arrival until he was discharged from the hospital. Owens then transported Lovell back to the Princeton City Police Department. After processing, Lovell officers lead him to a holding cell when Lovell made an escape out of the back door directly attached to the processing room. Owens pursued Lovell on foot for 30 seconds and he was then apprehended by Officer B.L. Charette at the side of Courthouse Road directly in front of the Princeton City Police Department. A warrant is being issued for escaping.

March 11

BREACH OF PEACE, PUBLIC INTOXICATION: Ptlm. A. Epperson responded to a complaint of an intoxicated subject wondering out into traffic on Courthouse Road. Epperson made contact with Alex Mitchell, 21, of Princeton, who was staggering and unsteady. Epperson observed his eyes to be bloodshot and glassy and he also smelled very heavily of alcohol. Epperson attempted to remove him from the traffic area. Mitchel became irate and combative toward Epperson attempting to incite violence. Mitchell was then placed into handcuffs and transported to the Princeton City Police Department. He was processed and late arraigned.