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August 1

OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER, BREACH OF PEACE: Ptlm. A.S. Epperson responded to a complaint of neighbors in a dispute. Once on scene, Epperson came into contact with two males that were causing a disturbance. One of the males, Stephen Serviss, 31, of Princeton, was sitting on his scooter being loud and unruly toward his neighbors. As the neighbors were attempting to move out Serviss was shouting derogatory comments at them. Epperson attempted to calm Serviss down but he continued to be irate. After continually refusing to obey commands to calm down Serviss was taken into custody.

August 4

DRIVING REVOKED FOR DUI 2ND OFFENSE, SIMPLE POSSESSION (MARIJUANA), DEF. EQUIPMENT: Ptlm. R.S. Dyson was patrolling the area of 460 Eastbound when he observed a yellow Chevrolet Cavalier with defective tag lights. Dyson then initiated his emergency blue lights. While the speaker to the driver, Thomas Brooks, 31, of Princeton, Dyson detected a strong smell of marijuana coming from within the vehicle. Mercer 911 advised Dyson that Brooks’ license was revoked on DUI. Dyson then asked Brooks to step out of the vehicle and performed a pat-down. When asked if there was anything illegal inside of the vehicle Brooks responded that there was not. Brooks was then placed in handcuffs while Dyson conducted a search and found a green leafy substance wrapped in a plastic baggy in the driver vent above the radio. Brooks was then placed under arrest for driving revoked for DUI second offense and simple possession of marijuana. Brooks was then placed under arrest.

August 5

POSSESSION W/INTENT SCHED. I CONT. SUBS. (HEROIN), POSSESSION W/INTENT SCHED. I CONT. SUBS. (MARIJUANA), POSSESSION W/INTENT SCHED. II CONT. SUBS. (METH), POSS. W/INTENT SCHED. IV CONT. SUBS. (ALPRAZOLAM): Ptlm. R.S. Dyson responded to a call in reference to a possible breaking and entering a complaint. Upon arrival, Dyson observed a white Volkswagen Jetta parked in front of the residence with a male in the passenger seat. Ptlm. J.A> Angle made contact with the female standing inside the threshold of the residence while Dyson made contact with the passenger in the vehicle, identified as Jerry Cecil, 24, of Princeton. Cecil advised that the woman was inside the residence attempting to collect her belonging. Dyson then asked Cecil to step out of the vehicle so a weapons pat-down could be conducted. Dyson felt an abnormal object in the crotch area of Cecil. When asked what it was Cecil advised that it was a few Benzodiazepines in a pill bottle. When asked if he had a prescription he stated he did not. Dyson then observed a large black cloth bag tied to Cecil’s genitals and waistband. Upon retrieving the bag, Dyson discovered a clear bag with a large crystal substance believed to be crystal Methamphetamine. Dyson then located 11 small yellow plastic containers with a brown substance believed to be heroin. Dyson retrieved a red pill bottle containing a clear bag with four schedule IV orange Alprazolam pills with a clear glass smoking device containing a crystal-like substance believed to be methamphetamine stuck to the inside of the walls. Upon stepping out of the vehicle Cecil grabbed a yellow plastic bag with a grey lock box with clothes inside the bag. When asked if there were any additional items on his person or in the vehicle that should be known about, Cecil stated that there was Marijuana inside the lockbox. Cecil was then placed under arrest. Dyson then conducted a more thorough search of his person where he found a digital scale in his front left pocket and a stack of U.S. currency with several small bills inside of his right sock. The currency accumulated to $431 in twenty-dollar bills, five-dollar bills, and one-dollar bills. Dyson then searched the yellow plastic bag containing clothes and a lockbox. Dyson then observed four glass smoking devices, a large clear plastic bag containing a green leafy substance believed to be Marijuana, a small clear plastic bag containing a brown substance believed to be Heroin, two digital scales, a plastic container with several more small yellow plastic containers, a calibration weight, a plastic pill organizer, a miscellaneous amount of clear plastic bags, a miscellaneous amount of clear plastic gloves, a small metal container with four Marijuana roaches inside, and a red tray with crystal-like residue on the inside. Due to the different types and amounts of illegal controlled substances individually packaged with the digital scales and other drug-related equipment along with U.S. Currency, it shows consistency with illegal intentions to sell or distribute the controlled substances.

August 6

FAILURE TO APPEAR X2, OBSTRUCTING, NO INSURANCE: Ptlm. J.A. Angle was patrolling when they observed an unknown female sitting in the thruway between Sheetz and Courthouse road. The female appeared to be unconscious behind the wheel of a 2009 Chevrolet Malibu. Angle stopped to check on her well being when the female began to act disoriented and admitted to snorting crystal meth the day before. The vehicle was running at this time and had to be placed into park. Angle identified the woman by her West Virginia I.D. card to be Katie Belton, 47, of Welch. When asked to step out of the vehicle, Belton attempted to place the vehicle in drive. Angle then grabbed her arms and she then exited the car. During questioning, Belton was very uncooperative and slurring her words while speaking. 911 control advised Angle that Belton was revoked in the state of West Virginia for unpaid citations and no insurance. Angle was also advised that Belton had an outstanding warrant through the city of Princeton. Angle then attempted to escort Belton to the patrol car when she began to obstruct and attempt to pull away. Belton refused to walk and cooperate with Angle. Due to her not cooperating she was placed under arrest. Bolton also had no insurance on the aforementioned vehicle.

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