With an average temperature of 71 degrees and a high of nearly 83, residents of Princeton searched for a way to cool off this past weekend. Luckily, one area was only too happy to oblige.

Princeton City Pool, which opened for the summer on June 8 lets men, women, and children through its gate at the cost of $5 (with ages 5 and under at no cost) to enjoy an open pool, mini pool, diving board, and of course the gigantic water slide on Saturday, noon to six p.m.

According to Zach Waddell, an assistant manager of the Princeton City Pool, the pool this year has had a slow beginning due to recent storms and cloudy weather. However, Friday spurred a good increase in numbers, which only increased the following day. According to Waddell, more than 400 people had come in to the pool by 5 p.m. in order to escape the heat. A majority of these people were children on the water slide.

However, on Saturday, the fun didn’t end at 6.  A pre-paid party 7-9 p.m. consisted of an extended swim for those in attendance occurred, giving residents a chance to enjoy the pool well into the night. This is a regular pool event during the summer, and according to Waddell, will occur more often this summer.

Waddell expects there to be a good number of swimmers this summer, estimating about 200 a day for an average of 900-1,000 per week. Likewise, public opinion of the pool appears to be very positive.

“We’ve got a good staff this year; they’re all very well trained. The pool is in great shape at the moment, and everything is very well balanced right now and seems to be running very smoothly. Everybody’s really enjoying themselves and everybody’s been having a really good time,” said Waddell.

“There’s a good family atmosphere and not a lot of trouble,” said Princeton native Dale Sullivan, who came to the pool after experiencing either “a lot of rain [or] standing inside with the [air conditioner].”

Frank Kinzer and Donna Rowe, two Princeton residents who have been enjoying the recent weather, came with the latter’s grandkids to cool off. The two praised the pool as being an affordable way to cool off and enjoy the weekend.

“Everybody is up here. It’s fun, and a [good place for] chilling,” said 19-year-old Quwuize Lee, encouraging more Princeton youth to come to the pool.

More information about the Princeton City Pool and its party schedule can be found either by calling 304-487-5042 or by calling the Princeton Recreation Center at 304-487-5040. Regular pool hours are from noon to 6 p.m., and the pool is located within Princeton City Park.

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