Princeton Police blotter...

May 31

FAILURE TO APPEAR (MUNICIPAL), SIMPLE POSSESSION COCAINE, PROHIBITED IN POSSESSION OF A FIREARM: Sgt. C.C. Butler responded to a complaint of a residence on West View Ave. in Princeton in reference to several subjects sleeping in a parked vehicle in the area. Butler observed a silver Ford Escape parked on the side of the road with a female, identified as Amanda Proffitt, 35, of Lindside, slumped over the passenger seat. The owner of the vehicle, Floyd Lane, 35, of Lindside, advised that he was visiting the owner of the residence. When asked if she had anything illegal, Proffit responded that she was in possession of a small bag of cocaine in her purse as well as several hypodermic syringes. Butler found a bag containing 2.6 grams of white powder and a silver Davis Industries .380 caliber handgun. Lane advised that there was another gun between the driver seat and the center console of the vehicle that belonged to him. Lane agreed to a search of his vehicle. Found within was a Llama .45 caliber handgun along with several scales and syringes. After running a search it was found that Lane had been previously convicted of two felony charges including Grand Larceny and Burglary. Lane was placed under arrest for possession of a firearm and Profit was arrested for simple possession of what seemed to be constant with cocaine. Profit also had an active warrant through the City of Princeton for failure to appear.

June 1

ASSAULT ON AN OFFICER X2, BREACH OF PEACE, PUBLIC INTOXICATION: Ptlm. A.S. Epperson was patrolling the area of Washington Ave in Princeton when he observed a male walking in the road, yelling, and waving for the officer to stop. The subject, Antonio Ware, 50, of Princeton, is the father of a juvenile that officers of the PPD have had many dealings with. Epperson observed Ware as unsteady on his feet and hostile. Ware then asked if Epperson would drop the ticket for his significant other who is the juvenile’s mother. Epperson then asked if she had her car had been fixed and that if it had the citations would be dropped. Ware become more irate and demanded the ticket be dropped now. Ware then began taunting Epperson by saying that he wasn’t man enough to mess with a man and would only mess with a kid. He then began to dare Epperson to step out of his car and asked when he was off duty. Epperson informed Ware that he would not be threatened by him and that he needed to go back to his residence and calm down. Ware continued to act loud and irate. Epperson then stepped out of his vehicle and closed distance between he and Ware as Ware had his hand in his pocket. Epperson observed a strong smell of alcohol on his person as he was placing him in the vehicle. When at the office, Ware continued to dare Epperson to talk off his badge and fight him.

June 5

DUI CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE: Ptlm. J.E. Carroll responded to a call regarding someone leaving Grant’s while under the influence. Carroll observed a vehicle, meeting the description of a black Chevrolet Blazer, traveling on Courthouse Road with the driver not wearing a seat belt. Carroll then initiated a traffic stop. Carroll then made contact with the driver, Teresa B. Hughes, 47, of Princeton, and asked her for her information. Carroll observed Hughes moving quickly and having difficulties locating the information. Carroll also observed Hughes with bloodshot eyes and a dry mouth. When asked if she had taken any alcohol or drugs she informed Carroll that she had smoked a small amount of marijuana three hours before driving. Hughes also said she had taken a Suboxone strip and a Gabapentin pill when she woke up. Hughes stated she did not have a prescription for Suboxone. During the field sobriety test, Hughes missed several steps during the heel-toe portion. Hughes also failed other parts of the test and was then placed under arrest. Once at the PPD Drug Recognition Expert, Deputy J.S. Bish of the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department determined that Hughes was unfit to safely operate a vehicle at that time.

June 6

DRIVING REVOKED FOR DUI 3RD OFFENSE, PROHIBITED PERSON IN POSSESSION OF A FIREARM: Sgt. C.C. Butler was patrolling the area of Straley Avenue. when he observed a Chevrolet Suburban driving northbound. Butler recognized the driver from prior encounters and remembered his license to be revoked. The driver, Torre Fowler, 28, of Princeton, had his license revoked for DUI with several convictions for driving revoked for DUI operators. Butler then attempted to initiate a traffic stop as Fowler drove across Straley Avenue to North 3rd Street. Once on North 3rd Street Butler was unable to locate Fowler and the vehicle. After searching the area Butler located the vehicle at Fowler’s relative’s, Andre Watkins, 49, of Princeton, home. Butler then asked and was given permission to search the home. Fowler, who was upstairs, complied with Butler’s commands to come downstairs and was then placed under arrest for driving revoked for DUI. Other officers located a 5.56 caliber rifle in plain sight beside Watkins. When asked if there were other firearms in the home Watkins stated that there were several others and he gave consent for officers to search. Officers were informed by Mercer 911 that Watkins had several felony convictions and a domestic battery conviction on 11-20-2022. Watkins also had a conspiracy to commit a felony charge on 11-20-2010. In his home officers found a Rock Island Armory AK 47, a Savage Mark V.22 caliber long rifle, a 7.62 caliber SKS long rifle, and a 9mm Glock pistol. Officers seized all weapons and placed Watkins under arrest for being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm. After running Fowler’s information through Mercer 911 Butler discovered that Fowler had an active family court body attachment in Mercer County. 

June 10

FLEEING IN VEHICLE RECKLESS INDIFFERENCE, FLEEING ON FOOT, DRIVING SUSPENDED: Ptlm. J.E. Carroll was attempting to locate a male driving a dirt bike illegally in Princeton. Carroll observed a male matching the description operating a dirt bike near Highland Avenue. Carroll then conducted a traffic stop on the dirt bike. The subject then fled the officer on the dirtbike. In an effort to continually flee the officer, the subject drove through two backyards and an alley at a high speed, in an uncontrolled manner. This almost caused a vehicle collision that could have caused serious injury. Carroll observed the suspect to show complete disregard to his safety or anyone else as he attempted to flee the officer. The suspect then turned on Lily Grove Drive when he then began losing control. When Carroll attempted to brake he failed to do so as his brakes were too hot, this caused his front bumper to make contact with the back tire of the dirt bike. The suspect then crashed the bike and fled Carroll on foot. Officers then began searching the wooded area when Carroll made contact with the subject on the other side of Lily Grove Drive. Carroll questioned the man about the suspect he was searching for. The man informed Carroll that they were searching for his brother. During this time Ptlm. Owens located the suspect, Austyn Taylor, 19, of Princeton, walking down a trail. Owens then placed Taylor under arrest. Taylor was taken to Princeton Community Hospital to be treated for his injuries before being taken to the Princeton Police Department for processing. Mercer 911 informed officers that Taylor’s license was suspended for citations effection 1-7-19.

OBSTRUCTION: Ptlm. E.D. Leftwich was dispatched to a residence in reference to assisting City Code Enforcement. While on the scene, Leftwich observed the suspect, Jerry Lovell, 22, of Princeton to look out from under the porch and look at him. Lovell then hid under the porch again. Leftwich ordered him to come out from under the porch but he refused. Leftwich then had to forcibly remove Lovell from under the porch and place him in custody.

OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER: Ptlm. J.E. Carroll and Ptlm. R.S. Dyson responded to a call of male loitering outside of Save A Lot. Once on scene, Dyson observed the suspect, Isaiah McBride, 24, of Princeton, to no longer be on the scene. Earlier, officers had been dispatched to McBride arguing with another person at a residence in Princeton. Officers advised him to leave that home for the evening to which he agreed. Dyson then went to this residence in an effort to located McBride where he observed him on the porch trying to obtain his personal belongings. Officers allowed him to obtain his things when they then instructed him to leave the residence again. McBride then left the residence while yelling at the officers in a threatening manner. McBride then set his belongings on the property and refused to obey commands. McBride was then placed under arrest for failure to obey officer commands.