Princeton Police Department blotter...

Oct. 18

BATTERY: Ptlm. C.C. Butler and Ptlm. W.W. McGuire responded to the 400 block of Princeton Avenue, where a fight was reported in progress. When officers arrived, they reported finding two black males fighting in front of a residence at 411 Princeton Avenue. When the males saw two parked patrol vehicles, the suspects allegedly went inside the residence and closed the door. At that time, officers questioned both males, and they stated they had no knowledge of an altercation. Both males further stated the neighbors had been causing a disturbance. Officers then went to a home nearby to speak with neighbors, where a white male answered the door, and it was obvious he had been beaten severely about the head and neck. Upon questioning, he reported he had been assaulted by the males at the home where the fight allegedly occurred.

Officers then went to the site of the original 911 call. The caller then advised officers he observed the two original black subjects “kicking and beating” the white male while he was lying not he ground. The caller went on to state he had video surveillance footage of the altercation. Butler and McGuire then watched the footage, which allegedly showed the white male being battered by the two black males.

The officers arrested Melvin Dunham, 31, of Princeton, and Deron Yarrell, 22, of Princeton, on charges of battery. They were transported to Princeton Police Department for processing.

Oct. 20

BATTERY: Ptlm. J.D. Shrewsbury responded to Muffler Man on Mercer Street, where a fight was reported in progress. When officers arrived, Shrewsbury reported the two white males were separated and secured. He then further noted observing that one of the subject’s vehicles, a silver Chevy sedan, was stopped in the middle of Mercer Street, with the door standing open. Witnesses reported that the subject driving that vehicle had been traveling on Mercer Street, spotted the second subject, stopped his vehicle, exited the car and charged the second subject in an apparent bid to start a fight. David Fain, 39, of Princeton, was then arrested on a charge of battery against the second subject. He was then transported to Princeton Police Department for processing and later arraignment. The second subject involved in the altercation alleged the fight involved a dispute over a vehicle.

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